11 Best Stag Do Ideas in 2024

Want to get crazy and have an awesome night out with the boys? Say no more, and welcome the idea of stag parties and events! Do you know what a stag is? Well, these are social events where females are not invited, yet where the boys get to have loads of fun, in their own and unique way. You can enjoy drinking, partying, or even gambling – it is totally up to you. If you want to have the time of your life and you are not too sure where to start, we present you with the top 11 best stag ideas that you will want to try out ASAP!

1. Sporty events

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You and your friends, roommates, or family members can enjoy a football match, a rugby match, or even Formula 1! Book something fun for the entire crew, and have 2-3 hours of a pure adrenaline rush, a couple of drinks, as well as unforgettable chit chat! This can be any event that you like, as long as it is COVID safe.

2. Escort ladies

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Are you looking for some real fun? A lot of guys who have been to Las Vegas know how exciting and entertaining can be to chat, drink, and spend some time with an escort lady. In fact, you can check out EscortA and find the type of escort that you have always dreamt about! These girls are VIP professionals who will help you relax, get your mind off things, and enjoy quality time in person or online.

3. Paintball

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Stag parties that include airsoft, splash ball, and paintball are some of the most common go-to parties for men. These reminiscent a lot of your favorite game ever, Call of Duty! The activity in itself is super cheap, easy to book, as well as do! Just be careful since you may have some bruises after you’re done playing, and they might not look as pretty.

4. Try out karting

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Karting is a typical stag-do activity that boys love! It gives you that pure excitement that takes you back to your childhood years + reminds you of your favorite game ever – Mario Kart. You can have a competitive race and see who wins. The loser should buy everyone drinks after that.

5. A quick little getaway, or a road trip

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Is it possible for you to travel somewhere and visit new places? Although COVID-19 has slowed down our pace of living and partying, that still doesn’t mean that you can’t travel to nearby cities. Try to rent out an RV or a camper, and hit the road! You can have an amazing weekend somewhere in nature, relaxed and tipsy with your boys! Just make sure that your approach is responsible before you head out.

6. Go camping

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Speaking of outside adventures, you can also go camping – if this is your usual go-to, and if you are a nature lover. Camping and starting a camp-fire, along with some roasted marshmallows and your very own tent can be so spiritual, relaxing, as well as calming for the nerves! Bring out your fishing sticks and enjoy the sun, as well as fresh air. You can also play some cards and catch up on your life.

7. Try out surfing

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Are you blessed enough to live somewhere by the water? It is always sunny in your country? If so, your stag party should be by the seaside! Book yourself some surfing lessons and enjoy your time with the boys. It is a bit unusual, yet will help you get your boost of Vitamin C, as well as a number or two from the girls! Let’s not forget to mention that you will learn a new skill, and you will definitely enjoy this hobby.

8. Stand up shows or club nights

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A real crowd-pleaser has to be a good comedy show and some club nights at the end of a hard-working week. These will suit every guy ever, no matter his age! Make sure to book yourself a table and enjoy a hilarious night! This is great if you are someone who loves to chill down, enjoy your popcorn, and have a good laugh, as well as a beer or two.

9. Have fun at a casino

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Although casinos are a bit uncommon at the moment and not as highly talked about, some are still operating, especially those in Las Vegas! You should play your favorite game and try to win some money. However, if you can’t get in at the moment, why not arrange a poker night at your house?! This is great since everyone can bring their own drinks, cards, as well as stakes – bet however you feel like and make your own rules!

10. Try out the whiskey, gin, or beer tasting

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If you are an alcohol lover (or drinker in general) why not get a little tipsy over the weekend? There are loads of different places that do wine, beer, whiskey, as well as gin and tonic tasting! This once combined with some chips or nachos seems like an amazing idea! If you’re lucky enough to catch an interesting football match, make sure to go with this idea!

11. Go to an escape room

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Last, but not least, why not go to an escape room? Nowadays there are loads of different escape rooms that you may fancy. Each room has its own story and theme, and you could book something that makes you happy, and that suits your entire group and their preference. Go for zombie, war, or superheroes themes, these will suit most men and are filled with adrenaline rush and highly interactive games!

Ready to have the time of your life?

So, are you ready to have the time of your life with your buddies? Which one of these 11 amazing activities seems like something that all of you would enjoy and want to do in your spare time, or over the weekend? Each one has its own unique pros, so let us know what your favorite is in the comments down below!