20 Best Wedding Photography Ideas of 2024

When you’re beginning to plan your Big Day, wedding photos are definitely no less important as a wedding dress or cake. You start to browse through Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr trying to find something fresh and new.
For you not to waste much time looking through hundreds of photos, we’ve made a shortlist of 20 Trendy Wedding Photography Ideas to Try in 2024.

1. Photos Taken During Sunset

Let your photographer capture the magic of the sunset and bring romantic vibes to your wedding images. While taking a photo, he/she should follow the principles of golden hour photography to get even lighting.
The golden hour begins 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. To know the precise time, install a golden hour calculator app like the Photographer’s Ephemeris or Blue Hour Calculator.

2. With Bridesmaids

This photo belongs to the category of must-snap shots at any wedding. Your bridesmaids definitely mean a lot to you, as they may have helped you get ready for the wedding and witnessed your love story, so they deserve a separate picture or even a couple of them.

There are many wedding photo ideas you can try with your girl squad, but we recommend starting with a simple one, e.g. find a picturesque spot and pose against it facing the camera.
Just note that it is better to take such images before the main celebration starts so that you can gather all bridesmaids in one place.

3. With a Beautiful Sky in the Background

image source: pexels.com


It is always great to incorporate the sky in your wedding images. Try to scout the location in advance and find places that will look amazing as a background.
This can be a field, a meadow, or something similar when the horizon line is perfectly visible. Face your partner, kiss him/her, and interlace your hand, while a photographer is taking images from a distance.
Another way out is to use a wide-angle lens (wider than 50mm or 35mm) to show all the grandeur of the scene.

4. Standing with Back to a Groom


While compiling the list of the wedding picture ideas, remember to include this one, as it helps you show tenderness in a very sincere way.
A bride can close her eyes, while her partner is touching her cheek with his nose or they both can dreamily gaze into the distance.
It is great to practice such poses in a beautiful place, for example, a garden or park, so that the surrounding complements the atmosphere.

5. Wedding Lifestyle Photos

It is really important to capture as many shots as possible, so you can add them to the photo album and recall that day while looking through it. Show your sincere emotions, how happy and enamored you are.
This idea is easy to realize when you leave the registry office, kiss or dance, or when guests give toasts.

6. Sitting Pose

This is a rather simple, though very natural pose to take. You can snap such photos both indoors and outdoors, just make sure both of you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Let a bride sit with her back to her partner, while he is gently embracing her. You can look for some nice places in such apps as PhotoPills and 500px. Bring some diversity to the process realizing more groom and bride poses fixthephoto.com.

7. Fireworks

You need to implement different wedding photo ideas in accordance with the wedding photography timeline set. This means that you need to schedule both daytime and nighttime shooting.
Most weddings usually end with spectacular fireworks. Use this chance to pose with your partner against an inky sky being filled with hundreds of shining particles. It is obligatory to use a tripod to get a sharp image at night.

8. Floral Composition

Flowers are a crucial attribute of any wedding. The couple usually devotes lots of time to prepare each element of the décor, so it is important to photograph them. You can also set the scene by adding some cute candles from Gracie Moon Scents.
Take several shots of the bride’s bouquet and capture the bridesmaids’ floral bracelets. Such images can be taken regardless of the location.

9. Accentuate the Symmetry

Some shooters like highlighting symmetrical patterns and shapes surrounding us and this can be a good concept for your wedding photo session. A bride in a snow-white dress posing with her husband-to-be, who is wearing a black suit, looks very beautiful.
If you want to achieve the symmetry effect, find a corresponding background, for example, stairs, antique houses, trees, etc.

10. Extreme Underwater

This is a sample of bold wedding photos ideas that require thorough preparation. You’d better take these images after the celebration, as the clothing, hairdo, and makeup will be spoilt.
Think about such nuances in advance. You can grasp the idea of underwater shooting better, looking through the works of famous photographers, for instance, Thomas Peschak, who often practices this technique.

11. Photo from the Height

This memorable moment, captured from the air thanks to new technologies, resembles a frame from a Hollywood movie. Using a drone, you can arrange all your guests in one place and shot them from above.
Aerial shooting allows photographing not only people but also the venue. However, anyone offering such services must have a certificate that confirms this person knows how to use a drone.

12. Classic Portrait

A wedding photography checklist would be incomplete without a classic portrait of a bride. It is better to take this image while a wife-to-be is getting ready for the ceremony.

Shooting in RAW allows getting better shots, which are easier to bring to perfection at the image editing stage.

Skin imperfections are a common thing on wedding images no matter the money and effort you put into your skincare and makeup. The good news is that there is a handy free portrait photo editor called PhotoDiva that will help you erase blemishes from your wedding day pictures. The program will easily smoothen out your skin and remove its imperfections, enhance your facial features and sculpt your face.

13. Movie-Inspired Look

Why not replicate a moment from a movie, which both of you are fond of? It is important to warn your guests about such an idea and take care of appropriate accessories and props.

14. Veil Vibes

Kiss your partner gently under the veil and a photographer will try to capture this tender moment. It is important to shoot in a manual mode.

15. Against Luxurious Architecture


Ancient opera houses and theatres look spectacular, so why not pose against such monumental buildings? If you are lucky enough, you can even get inside and show rich decorations, curved doors, and ornate stairs. Such pictures are bound to look awe-aspiring.

16. Take Wide-Angle Shots

Wide-angle lenses allow adding dimensions to the shot. You will get a 180-degree coverage and capture the best moments of the wedding. You need to take such pictures on the street, against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes or buildings.

17. Remember about Kids

Writing a list of wedding photo ideas think about your little guests, who can bring joyfulness to your pictures. It is better to capture moments when kids behave naturally since posed photos can look too formal and boring.

18. Use Wedding Props

The variety of props you can use while taking wedding images is endless. This can be signs with text written on them, glasses, decorative mustaches, hearts, or anything you can think of.

19. Through the Frames

Take a picture of the newlyweds through frames or other constructions. Shoot from a distance or use a wide-angle lens. This way you can cover more space.

20. Running into the Distance

Wedding photo ideas aren’t limited to stationary poses only, but also involve movements. You can take your partner’s hand and start running away from the camera, which has a symbolic meaning of you both moving to a promising future.