How Far In Advance Should You Book Your Wedding Limo?

A limousine will definitely make your wedding more special than it already is. It will add a level of luxury and convenience. However, there are many details that go into wedding planning. You must not leave a reservation as the last item on your to-do list. Although the transportation does not seem to be the most glamorous part of the celebration, it is a very important part of your wedding and represents one of the most exciting moments.

If you book transportation on time, you will get rid of additional stress and you will have enough time to relax and calmly wait for the wedding day. Remember that every company has a limited number of vehicles as well as drivers. Therefore, you must be sure that everything is going according to plan. Find out below how much you need to prepare in advance for your event.

Wedding planning


It is important to book your limousine on time, but it needs to fit perfectly into your all-day schedule. So, when talking to a company, you should know in advance the time frame reserved for certain activities. For example, this refers to start, and drop-off times. Our advice is to think not only about the numbers but also about other details of an important day.

This also applies to all activities that require transportation on the wedding day. You may need transportation to do your hairdresser and makeup, or you plan to go to a special location where you will be photographed. This is especially important for those who plan to change several locations for taking pictures with their partner. It is always better to have all the ideas in your head before contacting the company.



Another important thing to consider if you haven’t already is your budget. A wedding requires a lot of planning and expense. In addition to big things, you will spend money on various details such as decorations, flowers, etc. That is why you should include all the bigger things, but also details.

After that, you can plan a limousine, because it should fit into your budget. If you care about saving on this, talk to several companies to find the one that suits you best. You can ask them questions that will help you narrow down your choices. For example, ask about how companies charge.

Some companies have a fixed price, some charge per hour plus a driver’s tip. Once you know all your other expenses, it will be easier for you to determine if your budget fits all the payment terms of a particular company or if you need to keep looking.

Easiest way to find out about the price, at least approximately is to visit and get a free quote. Companies care that you are happy and will often meet you to find a package that suits your wishes and budget. All you need to do is know your requirements in advance, but also the limitations. That way you will be able to reach an agreement.

The peak of the season


This refers to the most popular period of the year, which is mostly the most expensive when it comes to booking a wedding limo. In addition to the fact that you will probably have high costs, there is also a problem with the reservation itself. A certain time of year usually means that appointments have been filled, so make sure you are on time. The earlier you know the wedding date and all the other details, the better affordable the limousine will be.

For example, one of the busiest periods of the year is the prom season or the end of the year. In that case, you will definitely want to book a wedding limo at least a few months in advance. Keep in mind that summer is a popular wedding season, so you should book your limousine as early as possible if you plan to get married in June. Also, check out what companies have to offer when it comes to limousines.

Cancellation policy

Unfortunately, sometimes plans change, emergencies happen and reservations are moved or canceled. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check the cancellation guidelines that companies have in advance. We are sure that they will have an understanding for you, but most of them have certain conditions that you must meet. In order not to come across unpleasant surprises later, it is necessary to be informed about all possibilities in time.

For example, some companies require a deposit that is usually non-refundable. There are also late fees if you do not notify them the day before or at least a few hours. However, they may have special cancellation policies when it comes to weddings. In any case, it is important to check this before deciding on a company.

Number of people in wedding limo


When booking a wedding limo, there is another piece of information that you must provide to the company you plan to work with. For example, it is not the same if the whole wedding party is driven with you or only you and your partner are in the limousine.

Depending on whether you want some time alone with your partner before the ceremony or you have decided on a big party, let the company know. Only in this way will you be able to book the transport that suits you, because the number of guests is a key factor. In that case, the company will be able to offer you the appropriate size of limousine as well as available vehicles.

Written contract

When you agree with the company on the date, budget and other details, it is important that you get it all in writing. It is necessary that all the details are clearly indicated, because that will be your guarantee. This piece of paper is your record that contains the type of service, the total price, the locations of departure and arrival, the model of the limousine and other important elements.


In order for everything to be perfect on the wedding day, provide timely transportation. In that case, you will come to your wedding in the most glamorous edition. If you have memorized all the information about booking a wedding limo, we are sure that you will not have a problem with the realization of your plan.