10 Myths About Cheating and Affairs in Marriages

You can be shocked by an infidelity in the spur of the moment and do some very impulsive things or you can step back a little and try to understand why it happened and learn from it. Although it is very difficult for the hurt partner to think again once an affair is discovered, it is always better to do so in the long run. In this article, we will see some myths about affairs and unfaithfulness in an effort to help couples get a clearer picture.

When people learn about unfaithfulness, they often assume all kinds of things about that person. You think you have understood what things are all about, if someone cheats you in your life. When it comes to unbelief we are living in a hush-hush culture and not that easy to sort fact from fiction, and many of the common convictions on matters are mistaken. Here are the ten most common myths according to the application-partners.com and the real truth behind them.

1. When that happens, many who cheat seek an affair.

Source: greatergood.berkeley.edu

In fact, people who are not looking for it often experience an affair. In case a partner has cheated with only one person this is especially true. Things often start as friendships, followed by intimacy, which then can be turned into a complete affair.

2. Most people go towards younger or more attractive people than their spouses.

In many cases people seek younger sexual partners but this is not always true. Many times, people go to have an affair with someone who is no younger, no wealthier or no more attractive than their spouses. Hence it is not necessary that people will go for an affair only with one’s more attractive spouse. They can go for less attractive ones as well.

3. The marriage ends nearly always in an affair.

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Infidelity can survive more than 50% of marriages. Although in future the relationship can break away from other problems, many couples are surprised that after an affair they can stay together. Based on the past data, it is clear that if an extramarital affair takes place, it is not necessary that the marriage will end. It is possible that the marriage may sustain with the events taking place.

4. If someone is cheater once, he will be a cheater at all times.

Although it is true that some people use to repeat things, many things are done once. After the affair a wedding can either lead to stability or blow it away from there. The person who cheated after the end of the affair must be entirely honest to be healed. Hence it can depend on the circumstances that the person cheated the partner. He or she is not bound to repeat these in future.

5. Something happens because there were problems in marriage.

Source: verywellmind.com

This is the truth: every marriage has some problem. Affairs may reflect the lack of knowledge of couples to work together to solve their marriage problems. Just because you have marital problems does not justify unfaithfulness. There can be many other reasons and circumstances that can lead to the extramarital affairs by people.

6. Sex is all about affairs.

In the intricate realm of human relationships, a partner’s quest for emotional connection plays a pivotal role in various aspects of their bond.

While many may associate extramarital affairs primarily with physical intimacy, it’s important to recognize that these complex dynamics often originate from a profound emotional void rather than mere carnal desires.

In reality, a person may venture outside their committed relationship in search of a profound emotional link with another individual, a fact underscored by interesting sexless marriage statistics.

At the genesis of such connections, the pursuit of sex is rarely the primary intention. Instead, it is the yearning for emotional closeness, understanding, and companionship that drives individuals to seek solace elsewhere.

Over time, if this emotional connection deepens, it can eventually culminate in physical intimacy. Therefore, it’s not merely the act of sex but the genuine emotional attachment that can propel people into the tumultuous waters of extramarital affairs.

In essence, these affairs are a manifestation of the innate human need for emotional connection and fulfillment, a longing that transcends the boundaries of physicality.

7. There isn’t an affair if there is no sex.

Source: betterhelp.com

Many things occur without the sex. In the night, if a person secretly writes of his/ her closest thoughts? You can’t see this as cheating by the person doing it, but you can rest assured that your partner will see this way! It’s a form of unfaithfulness when you give an emotional part to anyone who may be an affair partner.

8. Cheating is never just sex, it is due to marital problems.

Just as all things relate only to sex, so is it a myth that all things are about unsatisfied emotional needs. For some, not the majority, an affair is about “getting laid.” Apart from the marital problems there can be several other problems and circumstances that can lead to affairs.

9. In their marriage, the majority of people with affairs are unhappy.

Source: besthealthmag.ca

Most adults said no in studies that asked adults to leave their marriages. 56% of men and 34% of women consider their marriage to be happy or highly satisfied among the people with affairs. (More women say they are unhappy with marriage in general than men.)Hence it is a choice of many to live with the family and marriage, even in case one of the partner is having extramarital affairs.

10. Even if a couple stay together, once an affair has come out, they can never again be happy.

People don’t talk to their friends and neighbours about things, that’s why you seldom hear stories of success. But many couples can successfully reconstruct their marriages. Some even say that after unfaithfulness their marriages are stronger. Even after having an affair, the marriage can stay healthy and can be sustained for a long time.

A difference between fiction and unfaithfulness can help you and your partner to better understand how and what things happened to them. Knowing the truth is a powerful tool to help you recover for those who have an affair.


Thus, we have seen in detail the different myths related to affairs and marriages. These are the misconceptions that most of the people have about their relationships. It is important for both males and females to understand these myths and make them clear about these. This will help them to face the situation with a fresh mind and without any prejudices. It is very important to understand these myths and make up your mind once again related to these aspects. It is important for the couple to have a clear picture of reality that exists.