Wedding Photos and Perfect Locations

A wedding is a significant life event in one’s life as well as a momentous occasion. Therefore, taking photos is suitable for memories, especially when you want to walk down memory lane. A location has a significant impact on how the images will come out despite how talented a photographer is. Different areas also bring out different moods in a photo. Whichever location couples go for, it can be a contributing factor in showing a couple’s personality. Below are various sites that you can use for your wedding photos;

Botanical Gardens


This location is suitable for nature lovers. Botanical gardens are well maintained, with tons of plant species growing there. They also create a relaxed mood where a couple can breathe a little after the wedding activities. Most botanical gardens charge a fee for photography, and couples need to remember to get a permit from the authorities before the wedding day. Botanical gardens also have their own rules and regulations that couples have to adhere to.

Art Gallery

A gallery is the right spot for couples who enjoy seeing art or buying it. The couple can also be artists who paint or take photos. To make things even better, have photos detailing your life journey up to the wedding day. It could be photos you took on dates, with your close friends, on your engagement, and even for the kids if you have any. Let the images be well arranged to not take attention from you as the couple. Make sure to give prior notice to the gallery owner and get a permit.

A Vineyard


Wine lovers are going to like this spot for their photoshoot. For vineyards, the best time is when the sun is coming up or just about to set. The lighting is soft, bringing different shades of warmth to an image. It would be best if you watched out for the seasons when the grapevines are growing and a dry season with a vineyard. If your wedding is taking place during a rainy season, this will not be ideal for the photoshoot.

A Private Mansion or Castle

You can have different areas like the staircase, the entry porch, the compound, or the mansion’s backyard. This location will bring a traditional feel to your photos; while at the same time have a good view. Make sure to reserve the place with the owner or management for that specific day.

The Beach


For the beach, the couples should find a private location away from the public. That way, you will not find photobombers in your images. The best time is either when the sun is coming up or about to set. With the ocean as the background, your photos will bring focus on you while at the same time capturing the beautiful landscape around you

In a Museum

A museum is a perfect location for couples who enjoy culture and history and would like to incorporate that into their wedding. There are different types of museums, like art museums and archeology museums. The couple will only have to find what works for them, make a reservation and follow the rules and guidelines.

At a Waterfall


A waterfall is a beautiful outdoor location to have a photoshoot. Couples need to find one that has a smooth terrain and then enjoy their shoot there. Also, it is advisable to go during the sunny season. The weather is warm, and the combination of good lighting plus water on the background will have your images coming out nicely.

A Monument

Having a photoshoot next to a historical monument sounds like a beautiful idea for lovers of history. The architecture for most of these monuments is unique, making a fantastic backdrop for your images. Different areas have different rules regarding photoshoots and monuments. Therefore, you will have to check with the local authority before you end up spending your first day as a married couple in jail.

In a Boat


Here the boat should be big enough depending on the number of people participating in the photoshoot. The images will come out looking fabulous with just the backdrop of the vast blue sea. Have an introductory meeting with different boat owners, unless you own one, to find the budget and size that fits you.

In the Streets

This highly depends on how the street looks like and the significance it has in your relationship. Some couples may choose a road with the hotel where they had their first date. For other couples, it could be a street with a famous building. Get yourself a professional photographer who will capture the images in a way that tells the story you want. Also, most streets are less busy on the weekend, so plan for your photoshoot then. Make sure to check with the local authorities on their policy regarding professional photography on the streets.

A National Library


Book lovers will probably love this idea. The books should be arranged in a way that they do not look too busy. Have a neat arrangement that will not take away the focus from the couple to the books. As a couple, you need to check which library can accommodate your needs, then get a photographer who can deliver on the job.

A Park

Most parks are well designed with plants and trees beautifully arranged, and some even have artificial lakes and fishponds. You have several areas to take photos, at the same park. It is also affordable, and most likely, you will only need a permit to have your photos taken

A Field


It could be a cotton field, a sunflower field, a wheat field, or a plain field with trees in the background. Capturing those images, especially when the sun is about to set, will bring out the day’s magic. Make sure that you acquire the permit to use the land

Photography is an essential part of the wedding, making couples relive the beautiful moments they shared on that day. Click here for more information on weddings and photography.