9 Wedding Photography Myths All Couples Believe In

The wedding photography industry is booming with new and innovative ways to obtain your perfect shot. There is no limit to the number of ideas you have that will make your wedding day perfect. Unfortunately, some people get caught up in some of the wedding photography myths that have become popular over time, resulting in unsatisfied couples and poor photos.

Wedding photography myths are false beliefs circulated and shared by well-known firms that may lead to frustration. A wide range of misinformation is spread around as opposed to the truth. People need to know what their wedding photographers experience, and you need to be aware of these common wedding photography myths.

1. Wedding Photography Is Easy

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This is a popular misconception about wedding photography that you may be able to take pictures on your phone and end up with the perfect shot to hang in your home. Wedding photography is not as easy as it seems, and a lot of work goes into each final image. If you are looking to hire a professional photographer, they must know what they are doing! Many people use their cell phones or point-and-shoot cameras for basic wedding snapshots.

2. Wedding Photography Is Too Expensive

If you are wondering why your wedding photography is not going to turn out as you imagined, it could be that you are thinking of going with a lesser-known company that charges less. As a result, you will spend more money, in the long run, using the cheaper option, such as a local vendor.

You may think it will be worthwhile if your photos turn out great, but this is not the case. A professional photographer will get quality images you cherish forever, and you must be prepared to spend the money. Choose the best Chicago wedding photographer like Bozena Voytko for all your photography needs.

3. Wedding Photography Is Just For The Bride And Groom

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If you are wondering why your wedding photography did not turn out as you hoped, you may have thought that the photographer forgot about your needs. You may think that a couple’s wedding is all about them, but the truth is that each couple has a different story to tell. The photographer will be able to capture more than just the Bride and Groom at a wedding, so they must get involved with you. Wedding photography can capture a wide range of emotions and details.

4. Wedding Photography Is Always Prepared

Even though your wedding photographer has had a lot of experience, they cannot guarantee that they will be able to get the perfect shot each time. You may be wondering why you are receiving so many blurry pictures at a wedding, but it is because you or one of your guests may have moved while taking the photo. Blurry images are common, and your photographer will work to ensure that they are not as bad as possible. You will typically find out later when you look back at the photos of what happened.

5. Wedding Photography Is Taken Care Of

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Wedding photography is a job that needs to be done in a specific timeframe. It would help if you kept this in mind when looking for a professional photographer. You do not want your photographer stressed out, which will lead to subpar work. The photographer should be able to deal with all the problems and have spare parts for their equipment so that the job does not get too stressful for them. This can lead to them losing track of their time and creating poor work.

6. Wedding Photography Is Easy To Get

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you may be in for a surprise if you do not look around for a range of companies. There are a lot of wedding photography companies out there, and it can be not easy to navigate through the information available on each company. It will help if you research when searching for someone who will give you outstanding results. In addition, it would help if you took the time to read reviews and see what shoots the photographer specializes in.

7. Wedding Photography Only Takes Candid Pictures

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Wedding photos are either candid shots or posed pictures by the photographer. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and you will be surprised to find out what wedding photography offers. Wedding photographers can take any picture that you want them to take, and they know ways around annoying situations and can get creative if you allow them to. However, you should never settle for an ordinary shot when there is so much more than your photographer can offer you!

8. Wedding Photography Is All About The Perfect Shot

It is a popular misconception that your wedding photographer can get the perfect shot at each wedding. This may be the case, but it will likely depend on how well the wedding goes. You will not be able to take full blame for bad photos if you are in an awkward position when it comes time for your photographer to take a picture of you. A lot of planning goes into how each shot will look, which results in some great photos.

9. Wedding Photography Is All About The Camera

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It is easy to think that wedding photography is all about the camera, but this is not always the case. When a photographer takes a picture, they will have a certain process in mind that may include other things such as angles and lighting. The more time they spend with your family and friends, the better your shots will be. You do not want to settle for ordinary pictures, which will leave you scrambling for good photographers in future. You will have a range of choices if you are prepared and take your time.


These are some of the most common wedding photography myths people believe in. We hope you can avoid these wedding photography myths and end up with high-quality photos from your wedding day. Couples must understand how much effort goes into a job before choosing their photographer. It is important to meet with the photographer before you sign on the dotted line to get a feel for the quality of their work. The best way to avoid the time and money spent on almost every aspect of planning is by hiring experts in their field.