4 Guidances For You To Save Yourself During The War Of COVID-19 And Wedding Industry

Let’s face it, about all of us has today or at some point in the past for sure imagined that desirable wedding. If not consciously at least unconsciously whenever we see something innovative or mesmerizing in any one of our friends or family weddings, we make a mental note to apply the same or something similar to our wedding as well. And what is wrong about it? I mean its that one significant day that provides a turn in the whole book of life. A decision, a promise, and a gift. Something that we will remember all our lives like our graduation ceremonies. So is it wrong to say that planning something and making the day special and worthwhile is something all of us deserve?

Yes, it is a special day that deserves special treatment. But unfortunately, COVID-19 took us all by surprise and all the people are isolated away from each other. Coronavirus as many we know is a type of virus that Infects the area of nose, throat, or sinuses. They spread much in the form of a cold virus. Almost everyone is infected with it once in a lifetime. Abundantly as a child. However, the virus is not very deadly. Middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS) or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) can come forward as a deadly form of the virus.

The center of the wedding industry is all about large gatherings and lots of traveling. It must not be wrong to say that the industry on which the greatest impact of COVID-19 has is the wedding industry indeed. Many couples have canceled their big events just because of the pandemic. The unhappiness of the wedding being canceled comes in the package with financial problems that can be devastating. But to keep everyone safe, we must swallow the painful lump in our throats. Here are a few tips that can help you manage the wedding profile this season:

1. A Simple Wedding Perhaps

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I must say it is frustrating to even give this suggestion but times like these? Requires sacrifices. As far as I can see there are thin chances of this virus leaving us all alone. So all of us have to find a way around it because pausing our lives can not be of much help. Hence think about having a small decent wedding. Why invite everyone and put them in danger? Big gatherings are not even dangerous they are also prohibited by the law nowadays. Instead just a small number of people closest to the bride and groom. Make sure they are healthy and just say I DO.

2. Small But Perfect Budget

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Having a wedding in these days will not invite a lot of people even if you do take a step forward and decide you want a big gathering. Which in turn will waste a lot of money? Say you have invited 200 people and only 70 show up. All the food, reservations, and space will go in waste straight up. Recommendations? Small wedding. Invite a small number of people and arrange a small gathering possibly just in your house. In this case, even if fewer people show up the damage will not be that big. Besides a small gathering can be held up in any personal space i.e the backyard, farmhouse, etc that is light on the budget.

3. Send Your Appreciation

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If the wedding takes place without a large number of people trust me no one will get frustrated about it. They will understand that you love them and want to keep them safe by avoiding any huge gathering. A nice way to keep them happy is to send your love and appreciation.

This can be via a letter simply or via a basket full of little appreciation instruments such as a bottle of champagne, lanyards, keyholders, sweets, and appreciation cards from the bride and groom. The lanyards for instance can be custom lanyards or printed lanyards that have a special message engraved upon it. 4inlanyards offers the best deal by providing custom made lanyards for special occasions or events.

4. A Better Vacation Than Anticipated

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When the wedding is small and everyone is safe at home. The wedding budget will be way less than assumed. So where does all this extra money go then? Exactly vacation. With more money in one pocket, he can decide a better vacation for a longer period. But everything is closed and traveling is probably dangerous so make sure to keep the dollars saved and travel with your better half when it is safe out there.

Above are a few benefits one can get by taking sides with simplicity. However if one is not a fan of small gatherings then go ahead and host a big wedding or wait for the pandemic to be over. But before you make your decision let me remind you that the wedding industry has faced massive damage due to COVID-19. A large number of people have lost their money as well. So when the industry reopens they will do everything to cover the damages that they had faced all this time being closed and where do you think will they recover all these damages from? Their own pockets? The price of every product or service they provide will be high as a fever. Individually yes they will not look a lot but when the overall bill will be made the difference can be astounding. Now I am not trying to sink the industry here. Just placing all the cards on the table. Apart from that, it is the decision of the customer according to their suitability.