Weddings in Slovenia – 2024 Guide

Slovenia is one of the most attractive countries in Europe with a completely unique landscape that crosses the length of the European continent. Likewise, the border with all neighboring nations, including Croatia, Italy, and Austria is open.

As a result, organizing a trip to Slovenia should be a straightforward process. Although Slovenia is a small country, it is very unique and offers some fantastic places that would make a great backdrop for any wedding in Slovenia.

What is the cost of getting married in Slovenia?

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Even though you may have to pay an all-inclusive wedding cost for any romantic wedding, you will still have to pay for a single, all-inclusive wedding. it will cost you 170 euros in the event that you choose to marry at an approved marriage venue (outside the Registry office).

In the Registry office the wedding service is free if you arrange it during working hours. In the event that you are getting married in a Slovenian library, there is no fee and expenses for chapels change.

Does Slovenia have any legal requirements for getting married?

It is necessary to prove that you are permitted to marry in another congregation by demonstrating proof of your own congregation’s chief’s permission. Your immigration form will likewise require that you prove your nationality via your visa, your confidence by submitting your confirmation, and your separation will likewise require the submission of a copy of your separation decree.

A minister may ask for conditions for your endorsement when you request he or she marry you in their church. For example, you may be required to attend a priest’s administration in the week preceding the ceremony. The majority of clerics will only let you use their formal, affirmed agreements and will demand that your wedding services incorporate an entirely different reading and music from the regular ones.

What kinds of marriage are legal in Slovenia?

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In Slovenia, just moderate services are permitted. Essentially all functions can be performed in a vault or an exceptionally affirmed center. An enlistment center is a legitimately enrolled officiant, and should perform your wedding function, if not it’s not legally restricting. In Slovenia, an officiant is referred to as a recorder.

To be legally married, you need a common wedding service in your home nation, or in Slovenia if you are getting hitched in a congregation. Your common service can happen during your vacation, after several years of engagement.
In order to continue with a congregation wedding, you need to show proof of your legitimate marriage. Please do not be concerned with the details, it is much simpler than it sounds, and it is a universal requirement in many different nations.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Slovenia, here are a couple of places to check out to make your dream wedding in Slovenia come true.

Lake Bled

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There are many lakes in Slovenia, but Lake Bled is certainly the most beautiful. Lake Bled is the number one tourist destination in Slovenia, so it’s constantly packed with sightseers. You can still locate a quiet spot near the lake for your pledge trade, as it is adequately large and you need not be scared of a little stroll.

Bled Lake has an island in the middle, and to get to this island, you have to take the “pletna boat” to the island and then climb the 100 steps (it is customary for the man of the hour to take the lady right up to the top). Wedding services can be held at the Church of the Mother of God, where the wishing chimes are rung after the ceremony.

Lake Bohinj

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Guests of Triglav National Park can also discover Lake Bohinj, which is situated in the mountains adjacent to the park. This lake will be appealing to nature-lovers more than others since it is surrounded by mountains. Bohinj is the perfect base point for some incredible hiking and climbing trails, including the Vogel. The tremendous news is that it is less densely populated than Lake Bled.

Kranjska Gora and Lake Jasna

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Jasna Lake is another beautiful lake near Kranjska Gora that offers stunning views of the Alps. It’s located just outside the city and is found right outside of Kranjska Gora. The entire wedding can truly take place at the nearby Vila Triglav, and you can enjoy their stunning patio all day long.


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The Mangart mountain is the highest point on the mountain, so getting married on it would be a remarkable event. Despite the fact that Mangart is accessible by car (reservations for vehicles are required), some hiking is needed for the best view. That is fine, though, because the dusk is captivating.

Trenta and Kekčeva domačija

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One of the most amazing Slovenian films ever filmed is Kekec, now the residence is used for staying at and hosting small weddings and elopements. Kekeva domaija is a store lodging, which you can stay at for a very good price. Moreover, you can get your catering and accommodation sorted with the property owners. You should be picky because the food is so good.

Logar Valley

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The Logar Valley is an extraordinary sight for anyone who likes to remain near the base of the mountain or who likes to do many different types of hiking around the mountain. Experience the joy of a swim in the Hotel Plesnik, or reach the top of the mountain for a broader experience by visiting the Farm Klemensek.

Otočec Castle

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A castle located on a little island in a stream of the name Krka is one of our country’s most revered palaces. Having a view of the stream, as well as two wooden scaffolds, you will feel as if you have made a time-machine journey into the past. The palace is located near Novo mesto, which is conveniently located near the south-east of Slovenia. It is currently a coffee shop-inn, but you can rent out the entire location for your wedding.

Zemono Manor

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The foodies will love this place too – Zemono is a stunning villa nestled in the Vipava Valley, near Italy’s border. The restaurant “Gostilna pri Lojzetu” was awarded Michelin stars in 2018. The villa sits in a minuscule valley and offers 360 degrees of views of Gorski Kotar and towards Italy.