Cost-Effective Ways of Decorating Your Wedding Party in 2024

When you are thinking of the kind of decor to add or adjustments to make to your wedding party, it is good to consider the venue. Some venues have a restriction that you must adhere to especially so during decorations. A good example could be a traditional wedding space or museum where you may not be allowed to damage or alter the ramparts in any manner (consider this: making use of nails for hanging your signage). So every party should be decorated according to the dos and don’ts of the hosts- your budget notwithstanding.

You may also consider minimizing the costs by making a few decorations here and there. However, you still need to customize your party, right? Or you just want to operate within your budget limits for the sake of saving some money for other uses thereafter. Well, at this point, you will need to go for items you may still want to reuse or dispose of for some money. A brilliant idea isn’t it? Purchasing items in large quantities is critical in terms of saving money. You can also opt for renting if possible. However, after the party, salvage anything you can sell as second hand.

Below are some of the cost-effective and beautiful decorations you can apply to your reception

If you are still considering the kind of style for your wedding, then take advantage of these tips.

Decorate the ceilings

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It is quite astounding at what a small piece of cloth can do to your wedding venue décor. Use it to make things look more formal and beautiful or in case you love fun, go for the bright-colored ones such as yellow. Take advantage of this technique and go for the table decorations with light to obtain a similar festooned reception appearance.

Make use of ornate pillows

In case there is a lounge space around your wedding venue, you will need to find some house-ware space for the pillows. There are affordably available at amazon and other online stores so you can acquire them and use your preferred ornate pieces of cloth to cover them.

Create your escort card presentation

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Rather than using an escort table for cards, you can make a seating assignment board and showcase it close to the gate of the venue. Since you do not wish for your guests peering at small tented cards, it is good to decode their table figure.

Suspend your flowers

Do you take flowers for table decors only? Think twice. Hanging verdant arrangements some feet atop your visitors’ dinner platters is considered of the most amusing ways to establish a friendly atmosphere. This is very important if you are the kind of person who doesn’t fancy carpeting and wants to keep your guests gazing up.

Create chalkboard signage

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Chalkboards serve a significant purpose in terms of decorating a gate or jazzing up the reception. You can customize it by simply thrifting a vintage frame and having it spray-painted to go in line with other decorations. Adorn it with a flower or greenery garland along with chalk.

Apply table lamps

You can make use of table lamps to create some height on the reception tables. Important: You may choose to omit flowers if you so wish; however, placing greenery or flowers around your lamps is considered the easiest way of concealing cords.

Include a branch of aromatic plants

The fact that you are holding an official wedding doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t enjoy a little pleasure with your decorations. In this case, you need to include some herbs such as lavender or rosemary for an aromatic feel on your venue setting.

Hire colored glassware

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As an alternative to pouring your reception decoration budget entirely into the basics, you need to consider utilizing some of it to hire extras including colored glassware. This will make the tables pop up instantly.

Organize for calligraphic menus

Instead of having your cards as well as menus printed, you may choose to take your design a bit higher through calligraphy. What you must understand is that there is an array of scripts for each particular event. These include the customary copperplate for the black-tie official or anything much freer for farm-table stylish. In case you are working on a limited budget, you may opt for the youthful talent out there to help you create calligraphed cards for your big occasion.

Use a popping table runner

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Try to find a modern inspiration for table décor such as an ornate table runner. Instead of acquiring several bunches of flowers, you may choose to have them spaced out in tiny bud vases to expand the runner’s length. Doing this is enough to leave you rented china popping.

Redesign the numbers of your table

Are you looking for something natural for labeling your tables? Consider the number arrangement. Flaunt your table names or numbers on exclusive vessels such as lanterns, festive banner flags, wine bottles or moss topiaries.

Create a family picture wall

For a straightforward chat starter, you will need to come up with a wall for your wedding photos. As a good gesture, ensure to set aside space for your spouse’s family photos and one for the two of you or you can still combine them. Another great idea is for you to display your family tree.

Hang several paper lanterns

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While paper lanterns may not be new in this respect, hanging several of them in your reception hall can be so beautifying. You want things to look different and there is no better way than this.


Holding a unique wedding ceremony is all that everyone wishes for. However, there is more to the party itself than just tying the knot. You need to ensure that everything is well-planned and executed. Keeping to your budget limits is critically important as you will need money thereafter for other development in your relationship. With the above ideas, you are set to go!