Wedding Trends For 2024

Weddings are a very personal affair as there is nothing like a “one size fits all” wedding.  Every bride and groom will want something that is a bit different – whether it is the dress, the flowers or the catering.  As trends change, tastes change, too.  When it comes to their wedding, there are things they want to spend money on as well.

The wedding industry is evolving and the contemporary wedding is more about picking your own adventure rather than the age-old tradition of going to the chapel.  In recent years, there has been a change in the way couples want to make their wedding arrangements. When celebrating their love story, couples don’t have to stick to certain rules.

Individuality – The Main Wedding Trend For 2024

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Thankfully, individuality is the major wedding trend for 2024. As such, couples are likely to choose modern celebrations hence creating a certain ambiance rather than being guided by trends, themes, and colors.

We are taking a look at the hottest trends poised for 2024 – what is being commonly seen and the popular fashions that will be making it through 2019. Getting inspiration from the newest wedding reports plus findings – that includes floral trends, dresses, fashion as well as interior trends – we present the must-have and most thrilling wedding trends for 2024.

The following 2024 wedding trends will be helpful when planning your own personalized wedding day.

Wedding Dresses

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Have you always dreamed of dressing up in a large white gown on your big day?  Well, there are plenty of options – from Marchesa to Carolina Herrera – and you won’t regret it.  However, if you are one of the many brides who have no idea of what they want to wear then you should consider yourself fortunate.  A brand new crop of bridal designers is there, offering multiple options for brides who either don’t want to look very “bridal” or wants to impress in several looks on their big day.  Some of the names you should take notice of include Dana Harel, Danielle Frankel, Hermione de Paula, and Monica Byrne.

Bridesmaid dresses

The custom of having brides is one that will never see death.  However, the way of dressing them has changed.  There are some labels that are helping the brides who intend to display the personalities of their friends instead of putting them in a rather pastel uniform.  Thankfully, the nix and match styles with complementary colors, prints and necklines are increasing.  The bridesmaids will enjoy wearing the pieces not only on the wedding day but also wear them again. Labels such as Les Héroïnes by Vanessa Cocchiaro, Reformation, and Needle & Thread are making it a bit easier for you to keep your best friends happy on your wedding day.

Wedding Cakes

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The latest crop of celebrity weddings has proved that wedding cakes is one tradition that couples are not leaving out. Over the years, wedding cakes have changed right from the traditional fruit and fondant types of cake to artful towers swapped in edible flowers, brush strokes, dripped icing or gin flavoring.

Relaxed and Casual

Topping the wedding list is actually informal gatherings. The custom of inviting all and sundry to your wedding is not trending anymore.  Couples are opting for celebrations that are more intimate and meaningful with people who are closest and dearest to them, meaning that they can comfortably and more lavishly spend their money on a smaller number of people.

One of the season’s big wedding trends is more intimate ceremonies.  These occasions, which are also referred to as “micro weddings’’ are inclined to have a rather smaller guest of about 40 people or less.  The ceremonies can be formal or casual. They can also keep with tradition or be more modern, although they have the tendency of blending the two.  The most important thing about “micro weddings” is that the bride and the groom are able to spend quality with every guest.  This explains why it is gaining much popularity.

Sustainable Weddings

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We are living in eco-conscious times in which more than ever before, brides and grooms are looking at various ways they can host responsibly. Many couples are trying to be eco-friendly as much as possible and are certainly looking at how they can lessen the ethical and environmental impact of their wedding – starting from the travel arrangements needed to get everybody to a single venue to the food waste which is produced by the meals served

Although not every couple has a big budget for their wedding day, there are numerous fairly simple ways you can make your big day sustainable.  They range from using the wedding stationery manufactured from recycled paper right to locating a catering firm that sources ethical, local, as well as organic produce.

Wedding Flowers

Couples are increasingly opting for florists who use seasonal blooms that are grown locally, wildflowers or wildflowers.  As a matter of fact, a number of couples are going to the extent of choosing to grow flowers for themselves – or alternatively just integrating existing gardens into their wedding day.  When it comes to bridal bouquets, it is all a matter of personal preference.  Brides want certain flowers to be included, even concealing some items in their bouquets that mean something to them.

When it comes to bridal bouquets, it is all a matter of personal preference.  Brides want certain flowers to be included, even concealing some items in their bouquets that mean something to them.

Wedding Decoration

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Instagram has undoubtedly a lasting influence on the big day’s décor. While scrolling through your feed on a weekend during summer, you will be surprised to be hit by a host of charming tablescapes. Even more interesting is the fact that couples are becoming increasingly creative and stylish with their requests to wedding planners and stylists.  Couples generally want a more personalized look as well as the approach to their wedding.  They are looking for something that feels not just new, but also like “them”.

Unique lighting has as well become a major focus, where on-trend wedding features a combination of hanging pendants, lampshades, as well as chandeliers.