5 Tips For Planning The Dream Phuket Beach Wedding in 2024

To plan the best Phuket beach wedding, you need to fix your budget, find a theme, consider the weather, and take sunscreen with you.

Weddings are precious events and should be memorable. It is through this special event that people get to spend the rest of their lives with their loved ones. So, many people come up with creative and unique ways to commemorate their wedding.

They make special themed weddings or do wedding activities in some famous places.

If you are planning for your wedding and arrange something special to make everyone remember the wedding, you can choose the beautiful beaches of Phuket, Thailand as your wedding destination.

Why Phuket Beach?

Phuket beaches are a very popular choice for wedding planners, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

1. Phuket Wedding Planners

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A wedding can be a stressful event. You need to consider the budget, book a place, create a list of guests, gathering decorations, and a lot of other things.

All of this can be very overwhelming. That is where the benefits of Phuket come. Many hotels and wedding organizers in Phuket do all the previously mentioned tasks for you. Phuket Beach wedding planners take all the tension off your shoulders.

Your wedding is special, and Phuket will make it special by removing all these tiresome thoughts. Not to mention, Phuket has some amazing Thailand wedding planners. For more, visit https://uniquephuket.com/

2. A More Friendly Event

If you hold a wedding event in some sort of community hall or other formal areas, chances are, it will be very monotonous and the event will seem very formal. However, that will not be the case for a beach wedding.

Having a wedding on the gorgeous beaches of Phuket will allow you to have a lot of fresh air to breathe while also enjoying the natural beauty of Thailand.

3. Create Memories To Cherish

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The best part about doing a beach wedding is that it will give you the best memories. A wedding event and the chance to enjoy a vacation at the beach, what is there not to love about all that?

Everyone will get a chance to get out of the rusty city life and enjoy both the beach and the wedding at the same time. You can even choose Phuket for your honeymoon.

Tips On Making A Memorable Wedding

Now, on to the wedding event! These tips will make your wedding event a thousand times better and everyone will have a time of their life.

1. Apply A Good Amount OF Sunscreen Or Sunblock

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A beach wedding can be a great way to escape the conventional style. But the heat of the sunlight can be problematic, especially as the climate in Thailand is warm.

To make sure you do not burn your skin, apply a sufficient amount of sunblock or sunscreen to your body. This will allow you to have a much more enjoyable event. Your skin will look fresh, and you will feel relaxed.

If you by any chance are sensitive to sunlight, then you need to double your application of sunscreen. When applying your wedding makeup, don’t forget to apply sunscreen too, if you do not want an irritating sunburn the next day.

2. Have A Thai-themed Wedding

Weddings can have themes too. With all the options available, it might become confusing for the couple to decide what their wedding theme will be. But here is an idea.

You are in Thailand, so it does not feel right if you do not have a Thailand themed wedding.

You are beside the beautiful beaches in Thailand and a wedding-themed with the cultures of Thailand will make the event much more natural and will be exotic.

3. Consider The Weather And The Tides

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Beach wedding events take place completely out in the open. So you must take the weather and the sea tide into consideration before selecting a wedding date. As everything is out and exposed, rainfall can create pretty big chaos.

The rain could have been enjoyable if not for the fact that everyone will be wearing expensive gowns and tuxedos and no one wants to ruin their expensive wardrobe.

4. The Right Footwear

For a normal wedding, high heels are a perfect choice. But for a beach wedding event, high heels are not the footwear you want. The heels will sink into the sand, causing you to trip and hurt yourself.

Sands will be all over your expensive dress, and it will be a mess.

So what about barefoot? Well yes, you can go barefoot to give a more natural look, but you might be forgetting something. The heat! Because of the heat, the sands will be very hot and will burn your feet. So, your best option is to wear a flat sandal.

5. Book The Best Resort

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Booking a resort is also necessary for enjoying the wedding event. The closer the resort is to your wedding spot, the better. Fortunately, there are many beachside resorts you can book for your wedding. When the whole event is over, you and your guests can relax in the wonderful resort.

The Downside Of The Phuket Beach Wedding

Even though it is a wonderful wedding spot, there are some downsides. Although other problems like the heat, the weather can be overlooked, one factor that might be a problem is the beach itself.

According to the laws of Thailand, all the beaches in Thailand are public places. So while the wedding might be a unique experience, you will often find strangers staring at you or even trying to come into the wedding spot. Not everyone will like this breach of privacy.

If you want to have a private space, then it will cost you some extra money. Phuket wedding packages permit private spaces, but that can be expensive.

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Final Thoughts

A wedding is a very special moment in a person’s life. The moment is fun, sweet, romantic and all other positive emotions combined. Everyone wants this special moment to be as memorable as possible.

Thankfully, Phuket Beach weddings can offer one of the best wedding events. The process is easy; the beaches are wonderful and the whole event will leave everyone mesmerized. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and prepare your guest list. Phuket has some amazing experiences waiting for you.