How Can You Rent an Awesome Ride For Your Wedding? – 2024 Guide

Planning a wedding is not a walk in the park because the checklist is long and overwhelming. Due to the heavy demands and the time needed to get all of the details in place, some people choose to engage the services of wedding planners. Among the most critical parts of a wedding is the means of transportation both for the couple tying the knot as well as for the various guests.

Some couples decide to get a friend or a family member to give or loan them their luxury car for use on their big day. However, it may sometimes be impossible to get a luxury car that will be fit for the day among your circle of friends or relatives. You do not have to worry because you can opt to hire wheels.

Here are some tips to help you to choose an awesome ride for your day of tying the knot:

How to choose the right type of car

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The first thing for the couple to agree on is the type of automobile that they want, which is mostly a choice of either a modern top-of-the-range vehicle or one of the classics. The choice of either type is mostly influenced by the theme of the wedding. If your wedding is a tuxedo and bowtie-themed affair, for example, then this will go well with classics cars from the ‘70s. Are you wondering where to get such vehicles? You can find them at various rental companies for exotic cars. If you are still jammed with other obligations, you can do it online. You can check the websites such as and find one that suits you the best. 

Besides the theme of the wedding, other factors may also make the couple and planners select different types of vehicles. One such factor is the number of people that the vehicle is expected to carry. Some want a car for just the couple while others want a vehicle to ferry the couple as well as their bridal party. For the latter group, a stretch limousine is the best pick. The best thing is that such limousines are readily available in different popular models such as Lincoln, Cadillac, and others.

Some examples of the best wedding rides include:

Austin Princess: This car is best suited for classic-themed weddings and is available at reputable car rentals. It is a timeless model that will make your big day memorable.

Mercedes Maybach: If you and your spouse want to experience the first-class treat in an incredibly comfy leather interior, go for these luxury vehicles. The memories of your big day will remain imprinted on your minds for years thanks to this ride.

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Lamborghini Aventador: This is among the sportiest exotic rides you can find, but since it can only accommodate two people, one has to be behind the steering wheel. It is a norm for the groom to drive his bride.

Rolls Royce Phantom: This car gives the newlyweds a royal treat on their big day. It completes the couple’s desire for a great or dream wedding.

Limousines: These come in a variety of models and the beautiful thing with them is that they can carry a good number of people on a trip. What’s more is that they are driven by experienced chauffeurs, thus offering smooth rides to have your big day remain etched in your memory.

Other great vehicles for your big day include Maserati Ghibli, Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 458 Spider, and Chevrolet Corvette, among others. You can get most of those vehicles from leading rental companies like Milani Rentals, whose website you can access here.

Booking your wedding transportation

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So, when is the most appropriate time to book for your wedding ride? The best idea is to do it between four and six months to the day. By the time you are looking for the vehicle, you should have agreed on the date of the nuptial, the ceremony and reception venues, the number of people in the bridal party, and so on.

Earlier bookings may be necessary if you have scheduled your wedding during the high seasons in your locality since the high-end vehicles for hire will be in very high demand. This is to avoid missing your preferred ride or ending up paying too much due to short notice. It is in your best interest to make sure you do the final reservation in person to allow you to view the vehicle and get to know the car or cars that you will be getting that day.

How to save on your wedding day ride

We all appreciate saving some money, and it is no different on your big day. You have a ton of expenses to foot, so saving some money on transportation can be great. You can employ the following tips to spare some money on the big day from your transportation budget:

Seek different car rentals: You should make a point of calling or visiting several car companies and getting their quotes, then compare the prices. You could be surprised to find a huge price difference between different companies.

Consider a pickup and drop off service: Most rentals can allow you to choose how to have the automobiles for the minimum number of hours. A great idea would be to have the vehicles wait at the venue of the ceremony for those to be ferried then get them to the venue of the reception. After dropping them off, the cars can then go back to pick them up in the evening.

Getting freebies: Some car companies have extras as part of the wedding transportation package, so make sure you get them. For example, some may offer a van or a small truck to ferry gifts or other items, so ensure that you get the freebie.

Some mistakes to avoid with wedding transportation:

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You do not need any inconveniences and mistakes spoiling your big day, right? Then avoid the following mistakes when planning for transportation:

Having drivers without maps: To avoid drivers getting lost, let each driver have a map for the journey from the ceremony venue to reception and other places. Some drivers could be new to those locations.

Overcrowding: To minimize the guests traveling being squeezed into the vehicles, you should not have the cars filled.

Getting verbal contracts: Have all of the details of the engagement in writing. These include the type of vehicles to be rented, the number of hours the vehicles will be in use, any amenities, unit and total costs, overtime charges, refund policies, deposit amounts, and so on.


You can get an awesome ride for your wedding by hiring some of the luxury cars from car rental companies such as Decide on the type of vehicle you want and then make reservations early enough after checking various rental companies. Have all of the details about the engagement put down in a written document to avoid failure to honor all of the agreements.