Reasons Why Your Marriage Needs A Vacation

Let’s face it: daily life can be tough on married couples. With constant daily stress, it’s easy to forget you are married to the love of your life. Understandably, there are many stressors that couples deal with, and most couples become more of housemates. Raising kids, issues at work, financial problems, and house chores can occupy a couple and forget about their marriage. In many ways, married couples have been made to believe that responsibilities are all that matters in marriage.
However, spending some quality time with your spouse away from responsibilities can be what a couple needs to bring some sanity into their marriage life. This is why married couples need to take vacations every now on then.

Signs you need a Vacation


When your focus is always on other things, your marriage suffers without realizing it. Here are signs you need some time away from your partner. You can’t remember the last time you did anything spontaneous together
Has it been ages since you did anything together? Can you recall the last time you woke up next to your partner without the kids around?
A vacation can give you the freedom to recapture the fun and adventurous times you had before life became hectic. If you long for those lazy mornings without schedules, a handful of things to do, including your kids, a distraction-free getaway with your partner can solve that minor issue.

You have a sense of lost purpose in your marriage

If life has overtaken your dreams, it could be time to take a vacation with your partner and reconnect about where your marriage and family are headed. Remembering your purpose is crucial in the right direction, especially when your relationship feels dull and purposeless.

Your dates are more of business meetings

Dates are supposed to be about reconnecting, having fun, and keeping things fresh in your marriage. But when life gets the best of you, your dates [on the rare occasions you go out] will be more of a family business meeting. Planning calendars, making financial decisions, solving issues, etc., on a date. Does this sound like you? It would help if you took that vacation.

Little to no intimacy


If it seems like you hardly have any sex, maybe because you are always busy and tired, or the spark between you is diminishing, you need a romantic getaway to rekindle that spark.

Benefits of Going on a Couple’s Vacation

If you think staying home all year round is helping your marriage, think again. Consider these proven benefits of going on a vacation with your spouse.

Remind you why you fell in love in the first place

A break from everyday life can open your eyes to see your partner. Like really see them. It’s easy to be blinded by your spouse’s incredible qualities in the daily chaos. A vacation can remind you how sweet and caring your better half is. The result? You fall in love with them all over again.

Improve your intimacy


Studies state that going on vacations with your spouse is more likely to create a spark in your relationship than anything else, read more here on it. On vacation, you can hug, hold hands, kiss, and make love as much as you want. This is huge for every couple. It’s almost impossible at home to have this kind of freedom with kids on the way. It’s no wonder, often if not always, couples who take vacations have a better sex life than those who don’t.

Vacations give you the chance and freedom to have plenty of intimacy and rekindle the spark. If what you need is a new and intimate getaway, a couple’s only all-inclusive experience could do you good.

A break from daily routine and responsibilities

Let go of the house that needs cleaning, hectic work, getting your kids to bed, that dieting schedule. You can lie in bed as long as you want, snuggle with your love, eat when you want to and just let go.

Make memories

Forget the “remember when we used to…” thing. Why not make fresh memories and not live in the past? Everything you do together during your vacation will last forever in your minds and allow you to grow closer to your partner.

Appreciate your journey together


Studies show that couples who travel and vacation have a stronger marriage. During your vacation, you will have plenty of time to talk. This can be the best time to reminisce about all the years together. You can talk about the challenges you have overcome as a couple, remember all the sweet things, including your kids, your marriage has brought. You will be reminded of how much you have to be thankful for.

Better problem solving

A vacation encourages you to relax. A relaxed mind is better at problem-solving and has greater awareness-all, which leads to a more manageable life and healthier marriage.

More fun

As adults, having fun can sound foreign because you are so tied in responsibilities. Vacationing offers you the chance to play, laugh, be silly, connect and do all the things you enjoyed doing without worrying about the world.

Has this post convinced you to take a vacation with your spouse? Hopefully so! You deserve it. A break can be all you need to strengthen your marriage and family. Besides, your physical and emotional well-being depends on it too!