7 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bands For Men In 2024

To select the right type of wedding band, you need to consider the type of material you want, the right size, color, and comfort factor.

A wedding is a very important part of a person’s life. As a sign of the marriage, the two people exchange wedding rings or bands that symbolizes the vows they have made.

This is proof of their marriage. So it is understood that wedding bands hold extreme importance. That is why it is important to choose the perfect wedding band.

It may feel overwhelming to choose the right one but rest assured because this article will help you to select the perfect wedding ring for you.

But first, let us look at the significance and the history of the wedding ring.

Significance And History Of The Wedding Band

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The use of wedding rings can be dated back to ancient Egyptian times. But back then, expensive metals were not very common. And most people did not have access to precious metals.

That is why they used leather rings or rings made of bones. Ivory and hemp were also used to make rings. This practice was later continued in the ancient Roman days.

But back then, rings were only worn by women. It was not until the Second World War that wedding rings had become significant to males. Soldiers used to wear rings after their marriage, which would help them remember their wives back home. Many soldiers used to believe that this ring gave them the emotional strength to push through the war.

As they were not sure whether they would return home, they wanted to die with something that would remind them about their beloved. And since then, the significance of wedding rings came into being and spread all around the world.

Types Of Wedding Bands

There are different types of bands available in the market and a wide variety to choose from. The rings are made with different materials, which separate them from one another. The different types are:

1. Metal Bands

These are simple and elegant-looking rings that are made with metals. The first use of such rings could be dated back to the Roman Empire. But back then, only rich people could afford the metal rings.

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But nowadays, almost everyone can get a metal ring. The prices depend on the metal you will be choosing. There are platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, and silver available. There are also non-metal Black Ceramic Rings which look even more stunning. For more, visit this site: https://theartisanrings.com/collections/ceramic-rings

2. Diamond Bands

If you want to go all out and buy a flashy ring, then why not go for a diamond ring? The design can include one diamond stone at the center or a line of smaller diamond stones. There are plenty of designs and patterns you can choose from.

3. Classic Bands

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A simple and traditional wedding ring. If you feel like the worth of the ring is not in the ring’s material, but the story behind it, then a classic band is the perfect fit for you. These rings are made with inexpensive metals like bronze or stainless steel.

How To Select The Perfect Wedding Band

Consider the following factors when purchasing the perfect wedding band.

1. The Right Color That Suits Your Style

There are an array of colors to choose from. Since you will be wearing the ring almost all day, you need something that suits your style. If you wear suits most of the time, try going for a ring that is a darker tone such as yellow gold.

Rings made with platinum and palladium will also work well with their silver color. If you are living a casual life, then rose gold or white gold would be perfect.

2. Sturdiness Of The Band

You need a band that will last a lifetime. So there is no compromise in the durability of the ring. If your work requires you to work with heavy tools or equipment, then get a ring made with platinum or palladium, as they are the sturdiest of material.

3. The Right Width

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Now that the material is selected, next, you need to select the ring that fits perfectly in your finger. The width of the ring starts from as thin as 2 mm but going as wide as 12 mm. If you have slim long fingers, try getting 8 mm wide rings. If the fingers are short, then 6 mm wide rings will suit you better.

4. The Comfort Factor

How comfortable your ring depends on how the insides are made. Generally, the inside comes in three types. Flat, concave, and comfortable fit. A flat inside means the inner surface of the ring is flat.

This makes the ring slightly uncomfortable. Concave Rings have their inner surface curved inwards. This sometimes pinches the finger, making it uncomfortable. So the best choice is a comfortable fit ring where the inner surfaces are curved outwards.

5. The Budget For The Band

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If given the option, everyone will select the most expensive and comfortable feeling ring. But that is easier said than done. You have to take into consideration how much you can spend on your ring.

If you have a big budget, then anything can be your choice. However, if the budget is limited, then no need to fear. There are beautiful classic rings that are cheap but elegant.

6. Allergic Reaction

An overlooked point, but many people might have allergic reactions to different metals like gold, titanium, or platinum. If you wear a band that is made of allergic material, then you are in big trouble. So before buying, see if you have any allergic reactions to it.

7. Match The Band With Your Spouse

Marriage is between two people, after all. So whichever ring you select, make sure it matches perfectly with your spouse’s band. If the wedding bands are different, then they cannot be called wedding bands, can they?

Final Thoughts

Wedding bands are the symbols of your marriage. They are proof of your commitment, faith, and loyalty to your marriage. Knowing the significance of the wedding bands, with the help of this article, you will be able to find the perfect wedding band for you.