How To Preserve Your Rings?

The most popular jewel in the world, generally evoking love and marriage, I am of course talking about the ring. Whether it’s made of glass or adorned with diamonds costing tens of thousands of euros, this treasure is a special piece of jewelry: a piece of jewelry synonymous with marriage, synonymous with the union between two individuals.

A jewel apart


This jewel is sometimes the most precious object that a person owns. Thus, the loss of this jewel is the worst nightmare of many people, whether they are married or not; indeed, although this jewel evokes the engagement and the marriage, a ring can be offered on many occasions. It can sometimes reveal a particular memory, a person that one loves or that one loved, this one can also be defined simply as an aesthetic object which one likes to decorate. Whether it has sentimental value or not, it remains precious and unique.

These jewels are so precious that some people never part with them (which can be dangerous). In a way, we can understand them: this jewel, despite all its splendor, is also so light and so thin, that it can sometimes quickly escape us. If you are a bit unlucky or absent-minded, you may lose your band in your lifetime.
Now imagine people who have several rings, not just one like most of us.

For these people, it is imperative to think about the preservation of these rings, but then how to preserve these little treasures? This obviously deserves a specific maintenance, a particular attention, and this attention passes above all by the acquisition of a storage for its rings, but which?

In a jewelry box


Without surprise, the jewelry box remains the essential jewelry storage to store your collection. Most of today’s jewelry boxes are indeed filled with rows of velvet (as decorative as they are practical) that will allow you to accommodate your rings as well as your earrings. If you choose the right box for the amount of rings you have, you can be sure that your rings will be safe from dust and scratches. You can find a jewelry box on the Galeries Antoinette website.

With a jewelry holder


A jewelry holder is another way to organize your collection. It is an accessory almost as popular as the jewelry box, but has some qualities that differentiate it from those (it loses some of the advantages you could enjoy with the jewelry box, including the fact that you can keep your jewelry in a “closed” shelter).

The qualities of the jewel box are above all decorative, it is an object which one notices in an interior decoration for its design, but according to its aspect and the way in which it is made, it can be quite as practical to suspend your rings there. The ring holders are a typical example, they are specially designed to store a large quantity of these. We can also recommend certain types of jewelry trees which, thanks to their branches, will constitute an ideal storage for your wedding jewels.

As you can see, the jewel box is not the only way to store your circles (besides, a jewel box can usually hold only one of these). Jewel boxes, jewel holders and jewel trees are equally practical accessories to preserve the magnificence of your wonders.

Ring care


Your wedding or engagement ring may be the piece of jewelry you never expect to get damaged, so caring for it, in addition to storing it, is paramount. Now you know how to store your band collection, but this is not enough, the maintenance of your rings also involves daily habits and special attention.

Be careful, these advices are not necessarily to be applied for the whole of your collection (contrary to the previous ones, for example, there is no reason not to store all your rings), because they can take time, especially if you apply them to a good number of rings. We obviously advise you to take care of all your jewelry, but the following tips are to be applied in priority to the jewelry you wear daily, so your wedding ring.

  • Do not wear it all the time

What? You want to know how to preserve your favorite jewel and we explained to you to remove it? And yes, as strange as it may seem, it is advisable to remove your circle, and not only when you are sleeping. In the summer, for example, perspiration leaves impurities invisible to the naked eye on the ring you are wearing: on the hottest days, it is therefore not advisable to wear your loop for too long, moreover, high temperatures can make your finger swell and this can lead to certain complications with your ring. But this advice is not only to be applied in summer, when you are going to do sports activities or activities where there is some contact (where your ring may be damaged), it is strongly advised to remove your ring there too.

  • Daily habits

The maintenance of your band requires certain habits that must be applied almost daily (if not daily), the first advice we could give you is the following: a brief cleaning of your treasure at the end of the day. After a long day, before you put your ring back in your jewelry box, you need to get into the habit of lightly wiping your ring with a cloth (preferably a damp one) to remove some dirt that you may not see.

Another habit you need to get into, monthly this time, is this: for gold rings especially, consider cleaning them with products specifically designed for this occasion or seriously clean them with homemade tricks (a well-known trick is to put your ring in a bowl of warm water with soap for a few minutes and then clean it with a soft cloth). There are several tips for cleaning your ring and the different tips also depend on the material it is made of, so we advise you to be careful with the products you use and favor products designed to clean the material of it.

In addition, you must be careful to clean the jewel of your band (if it has one) and do not clean it with any product, it will be unfortunate to damage it simply by wanting to remove some small stains. For example, do not soak emeralds in hot water.