How to Remodel Your Home as a Newlywed Couple – 2024 Guide

If you are a newly married couple, surely with your loved one you are already thinking about expanding the family and replacing your two-bedroom apartment with a larger house with a yard in a quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. But are you financially ready to start this? For the wedding and the honeymoon, you spent a lot more money than the planned budget and now you are thinking about whether it would be better if you build a new house or invest money in renovating an already built one. Many young married couples are concerned about this. On the one hand, to build something new means to make it exactly to your taste, the way you imagine the house to look. On the other hand, remodeling an existing building has its advantages. With a few minimal changes and replacing the old furniture with a new one will make a huge difference in what the building looked like before and what it looks like now with the help of your creative abilities.

If you are limited by budget and are ready to transform an old house into a place where you will create wonderful memories and fill them with happy moments with your family, then we are ready to help you with a few tips on how to achieve that. If it is not a problem for you to spend more than the planned budget, and you want your home to be luxurious and modern, L2 Group certainly has the solution. They are a perfect option for young newlyweds, who need a contractor to create their perfect home.

First and foremost, you need to talk to your partner and express your wishes and ideas about what you want your home to look like if they exist of course. If you have any misunderstandings or do not like how your partner imagines the living room, be prepared to compromise. Remember that home should bring you a sense of comfort, peace, happiness and you will spend most of your time right there with your children, friends, and relatives.

So let’s continue on the main topic of our text, how to remodel the home.

Start with the walls

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Painting the interior or exterior walls of your new home can make a huge difference. If at the moment the color of the walls is white, which is too ordinary and boring. Be a little creative and use colors, for starters it does not have to be some strong shades like black. burgundy, red or dark blue. For example, you can apply some soft pastel colors that will refresh the space, such as baby blue, pastel yellow or purple, soft green. You can also use sticky wallpaper, which is ideal for decorating the living room, bedroom, or children’s rooms.

If painting, however, isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring a painting contractor. Painting experts at Sidepost always recommend a professional service as poor DIY results could mean a costly re-do.

Look for used furniture

You do not need to spend a fortune on home furniture. Of course, you have to invest some finances in things like a sofa, kitchen elements, new mattresses and the like. But furniture such as a coffee table, lamps, bed frame and various decorative things that are already used can be found at much cheaper prices, and this way you would save some money, and your budget would be grateful. This second-hand furniture is easily found in antique shops, local markets, or online. You can find an old wooden table that with just one coat of wood polish will make it look new.

Focus on one room

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When it comes to remodeling the whole house and not just one room, keep in mind that if you start with the living room, for example, you should finish with that room first so that you can move on. It can become quite chaotic if, for example, you paint the walls in the living room and at the same time change the squeaky floor in the bedroom. If you are in a hurry and doing several things at once, there is a possibility that you will make a mistake, and that mistake can cost you money to correct.

Hire a contractor

If you have no idea how to remodel your home, a good action would be to hire a professional who would do it for you. Our suggestion is of course L2 Group Luxury Living, with which you will certainly not go wrong, because professionalism is a small word to describe their service. If you hire them you will surely be extremely satisfied with the result. A contractor is a person or company that will make you fall in love at first sight with your new home.

Choose a style

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When renovating, you need to choose what style you have imagined for your home, and the biggest mistake that young couples make is that they choose more interior styles, mixing modern style with traditional, Scandinavian and bohemian. The home is a whole, and the rooms should look in harmony with it, and not be a mix of all possible variants of interior styles.

Do not buy too much furniture

Do not overload the home with furniture and decorative elements. You do not need chairs to sit in every corner of the living room or bedroom. Crowded rooms sometimes look kitsch, and you certainly do not want your friends to think you have poor taste. Try to bring a feeling of comfort to the home, for example with a flower that you will take care of, you can hang a beautiful picture on the wall or a bookshelf is always a good choice.

DIY craft

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If you are creative and artistically in the mood, you can participate in the creation of the furniture in your home. Countless pages on the Internet can teach you something new, how to make bookshelves at home, how to make a beautiful decorative lamp, how to make a fancy key hanger, and so on. Surely your friends would be delighted with such works, and you would be proud of how you have contributed to the beautiful appearance of your home.

We all want to have a home that looks like the one we see in magazines or online. And we certainly deserve to have the same, and only with the right people and the right vision can this dream come true.

And L2 Group Luxury Living are definitely the ones who will make these dreams come true.