Top 5 Ideas To Repurpose Your Dried Wedding Bouquet

Bouquets are an integral part of your wedding. They accentuate your wedding dress and the overall look of your wedding day. But what next? It was definitely a visual treat for one day. But no one thinks about what to do with flowers for a wedding after the event. Isn’t it?

Many of you mostly think about throwing them away. But why not change it and cherish it for the times to come. Yes, you heard it right. Let’s not throw away your bridal floral bouquet. Instead, try reusing it.

However, not everyone knows what to do with dried wedding bouquets. Don’t worry! We have created a list of some of the most popular ways to transform your bridal bouquet into something meaningful that stays with you.

Let’s begin!

1. Frame them


You can display the bridal bouquet flowers by adding the blooms in a frame. You can try a shadow box as well. You can press flowers and create some incredible and appealing home décor options. The best part is that it is quite easy to make.

You have to take a few pieces from a sola wood flower bouquet and place them inside the book. Keep another book on the top and keep it there for two weeks. It doesn’t matter the type of flowers for the wedding you used. You can use this method to admire your bouquet for years.

But ensure to follow the right method for drying the wedding bouquet flowers.

  • Ensure that the place you use to dry your flowers doesn’t have a lot of heat. Otherwise, the blooms will crack or break apart.
  • The need for constant pressure during the pressing process is extremely important to achieve the best results.
  • Leave the flowers for at least 2-3 weeks to dry them thoroughly.

You can also style your dried flowers. Ideally, hot glue, glue, and double-sided tape help to create something unique for yourself. You can also hang your framed flowers. For instance, using shadow boxed will help you use your finished product to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

2. Make candles


Who doesn’t like candles? They enhance the appeal of your space. And who can forget about the coziness? But why buy it online when you can make one for yourself. It’s like if you are feeling crafty and wish to send someone flowers, but this is the best way to surprise them in an altogether different way.

Plus, since you are making it yourself, the impact will be even more emotional. And you don’t have to buy any flowers for this project. You can repurpose the wedding flowers that you purchased from for your wedding. It will help you to use them to create something special.

Trust us. It can be a little fun project.

To make an awe-inspiring homemade candle, you can use dried wedding bouquet flowers, wax, and the scent of choice. There are so many easy ways of drying flowers. However, if you are short of time, you can microwave them using silica sand. Opt for 30-sec intervals in between and do it until they look dry.

Once you dry the flowers, this is what you must do:

  • Melt the wax.
  • Add the dried flowers into the glass container.
  • Now slowly add the wax.
  • Further, add a wick and essential oils
  • Let it cool

And bingo! Your flower candle is ready!

3. Create an appealing wall art


If you wish to push your creative side even more and create something unique, you can use dried wedding bouquets. But for this option, you will first have to press the sola wood flowers so that arranging the flowers in a frame or a canvas becomes an easy task. You can also place them directly on the wall using an adhesive.

You can create something one-of-a-kind wall art using these flowers to make a picture or a landscape. If that doesn’t engage well, you can try creating a collage. Honestly, you will have various options for creating wall art.

4. Make a wreath

If you want to repurpose your old floral bouquet, it is best to do it. Whether it’s’ your wedding bouquet or any other arrangement, you can use the flowers and unleash your creativity. For instance, you can make a wreath using a dried wedding bouquet. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Select the flowers and greenery that will be best for making the wreath. You can also add more greenery or grasses to make the wreath even fuller. This will give it a more inviting look.
  2. Now choose the base so that you can craft something beautiful. You can use a grapevine base, wire wreath base, or simple bamboo hoop. Try to make the effect minimalistic and as close to nature so that you can create a significant impact.
  3. The next step is where the fun begins. You can easily divide your wedding bouquet into smaller arrangements to create a circular pattern. You can mix flowers and grasses depending on the piece you wish to make.
  4. Now place the dried flowers on the wreath base. Secure the arrangement to the foundation. You will require wire, glue, and string to secure the florals.
  5. Use the sealant if you haven’t used it before. This will help to maintain florals. It will keep the arrangement away from moisture.
  6. You can use different aesthetic elements to give the finishing touch to your wreath.

5. Repurpose the flowers to create wedding bouquet gift wrapping


You chose flowers for a wedding and gave the process some time. So, why not use the same flowers to gift wrap something special for your loved one? It can help you enhance the appeal and add meaning to the gift. It is quite an easy process. You have to find the right flowers from the wedding bouquet and affix them by securing them with a ribbon/ twine or using tape to attach them.

You can also accentuate any care package by keeping them inside the wrapped gift. You can spruce up the tissue paper using these flowers. The idea is to make someone feel special. You can also improve your gift wrapping skills in the meantime and take them to a whole new level.


A wedding bouquet is close to your heart since it was a part of your special day. Then why not create something as a keepsake so that you can cherish it for years. This guide will give creative ideas to make the sola wood flowers a part of your new journey.