7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Stand Out From The Crowd

The first ever recorded wedding took place in 2350 BC, and this special ceremony has been adopted all over the world ever since, as a way for two people to come together and commit to a lifelong love in front of their nearest and dearest.

In the modern world however, weddings seem to be getting more extravagant by the year. This often leaves couples wondering how they can organize a unique event which sets them apart from others.

Fear not, as these tips will help you to create an event so special that your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

1. Put Sustainability At The Forefront

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Why not make your wedding uniquely eye-catching whilst saving the planet at the same time? There are tons of ways to make your wedding more environmentally friendly!

Opting for biodegradable confetti for your photographs and limiting the single use plastic used in your catering are both great approaches to reducing waste.

Swapping out meat and dairy for plants has a huge effect on greenhouse gases, so including more plant-based options at your event will make an impressive difference in the carbon emissions of your special day. Choosing a vegan wedding cake would be a radically sustainable and cruelty-free way to celebrate your marriage.

Go one step further by selecting either a vintage/second hand wedding dress or one from a sustainable company which uses eco-friendly materials. The same can be done for your bridesmaids dresses to ensure your dress is a fast fashion-free zone.

2. Get Papped With Mirror Photo Booths

Having fun activities at your wedding is a sure fire way to set it apart from the rest. One great method of keeping your guests entertained is having a mirror photo booth, such as the ones offered by Middleton Events.

Even quirkier than traditional photo booths, these mirrored booths allow guests not only to take a cheeky snap, but draw on it or use an emoji stamp to make their pictures all the more eye-catching.

These booths typically feature a touch screen interface which offers animation and games, keeping your guests entertained (and posing) until the early hours. Did somebody say Vogue?

3. Have a Themed Cake

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To add a bit of creative flair to your special day, why not have a themed cake? Your day should be representative of you and your other half, so sprinkling your own personality into the cake by making it resemble one of your passions is a great way to personalize your event.

Ideas for the theme could include icing figures of the two of you engaging in one of your favorite hobbies, or a funny scene from your favorite TV show. This is a great way to modernize one of the most iconic parts of a traditional wedding day.

4. Incorporate Your Story

Every couple has a history full of inside jokes, funny stories and romantic moments. Making your guests feel like a part of that journey will guarantee an event which feels intimate and special. It also gives your friends and family an opportunity to reminisce on the parts they have played in supporting your relationship.

Giving each table a theme such as places you’ve visited together is a great unique touch. Who wouldn’t want to sit at the ‘Sydney’ table complete with a mini Sydney opera house, or the ‘Paris’ table adorned with mini croissants?!

You could also offer the choice of your or your partner’s signature drink to guests on arrival, ensuring that the wedding is full of touches unique to the happy couple!

5. Have a Unique Dress Code

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Even the longest-standing traditions have to be updated some time! Make your event truly unique by swapping out the traditional wedding dress code for something more modern, for the happy couple and guests alike.

The bride in a colorful dress? Bridesmaids in suits? A flower crown in place of a veil? These subversions of typical wedding rules would be sure to make your event stand out from the crowd, and bring some funk and flair to a tradition that is thousands of years old.

6. Make Your Gifts Count

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Making a unique choice with the gifts for your guests can leave people not only with amazing memories of your day, but a fabulous souvenir to match.

For an environmentally friendly option, giving each of your guests a house plant that they can take home and watch grow is an adorable reminder of your relationship blossoming alongside it, as well as being an eco-friendly choice.

Personalizing the gifts (such as engraving them with guests’ names) so they are relevant to each individual is also a surefire way to make your loved ones feel special.

An alternative, more socially conscious option is to make a donation to a charity in each guest’s name in place of giving them a physical gift.

This not only reduces waste, but guarantees that your wedding is beneficial to those in the community as well as those in your inner circle. Go one step further by selecting a charity close to the heart of each guest, making it all the more personal!

7. Expand Your Menu

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Oftentimes at weddings people can be sat on a table with others that they’ve never met before, which can make for a nerve wracking experience for guests. Why not leave conversation menus on the tables to make it easier for everybody to get to know each other?

Conversation menus contain thought-provoking questions such as ‘where would your dream holiday destination be?’ which allows easy conversation between guests and guarantees that they’ll never run out of topics for discussion.

The only thing better than attending a wedding with friends that you already know, is leaving a wedding with brand new ones!

These of course are just some of the ways in which you can mix-up tradition to ensure that your wedding stands out from all the rest. Check this site – CelebrantsWinbourne If you’re looking for a caring and professional marriage celebrant to help make your wedding or event even more special.
From personalized experiences to unique activities, making sure your day is momentous will create lifelong memories for both the newlyweds and your special guests!

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