Flowers are Forever – Wood Flowers Guide 2024

‘’Flowers are like friends; they bring colors and joy into your life…but soon get wilted, dry, and finally died.’’

As beautiful the first part of this line is, it is equally sad in the end. They are amazing, but their short life span does not allow us to keep them with us forever. However, the Sola timber buds can also be called ‘’flowers forever’’. These bouquets are humanmade, but these are also originated from the natural resource of balsa wood.

How are sola wood flowers crafted?

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Sola buds are actually made of tapioca plants bark, and it is just like a skinny slice of balsa wood. These slices of wood are carefully crafted into petals, bouquets, and bouquets, and this is how wood buds have been created. Every single flower is crafted with hand, and that is why we get every single bloom as a customized piece with characterized shading of ivory.

Sola flowers can easily replace the original blooms to keep the ecology of Earth maintained. Timber bouquets are handcrafted and initially available in ivory color. The different verity of sola buds is stunning, and a wide range of sola bouquets and their assortments is available online also. These bouquets are the perfect substitute for unique blooms because of their natural appearance and highly admirable features.

Fabulous variety

Sola buds can be crafted in any floral shape quickly, and you can get any bud regardless of being available actually or not. Every single bud is customized as it is handmade, and you can observe the natural delicacy in its every single petal as the first blooms have.

Amazing durability

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Wilting, drying, and dying are the ultimate fate of natural buds, whether they are twigged or used in any floral arrangement or bouquet. Timber buds demand a little care from your side, and you can keep this color pops with you for a very long time. The durability of timber buds allows florists, wedding planners, expert décor, and DIY loving people to create floral wonders with their artistic sense.

Affordability and color options

Sola buds are very affordable as compare to the first blooms, and this quality of wooden bouquets allows you to add more colors to your events. If you are thinking about the Ivory appearance of wooden buds, then forget it. Wood buds can be easily dyed in any possible color you wish to see. So you are free to think about purple wooden roses and orange tulips because sola buds are making it possible.

Eco-friendly & allergy-free

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Wood bouquets are made of 100% natural material, and these are biodegradable also. Many people suffer from pollen allergies, and gifting those real buds can be a little risky. Wood buds are safe, and you can easily gift bouquets to your loved ones who have some pollen allergy issues.

No seasonal restrictions

Sola buds are available in every season. You can get Carnations and lilies in winter and plan for a theme wedding with Tulips, Roses, and Gardenia in summers. You can choose any flower in any season without thinking twice about their availability.

Best gift for any occasion

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We all know that buds speak the language of the heart. That is why they are considered as the perfect gift for any event. Planning for a date night with your partner or it is time for a Valentine’s Day gift, sola bouquets adjust in every situation. If you want to send `get well` soon wishes to a friend, surprise your wife with a candlelight dinner or celebrate your children`s graduation, choose the buds they love most and get a sola bouquet with greetings and deep loving sentiments.

Forever flowers, gift for a lifetime

Are you thinking of a gift for someone special in your life or a friend or family member? Dress and shoes get old or out of fashion, chocolates, and campaigned provide sweet, but forgettable memories, perfume, and jewelry or accessory may finish and lost. Sola bouquets remain evergreen as your love and as fresh as your sentiments. Just need a little care, and these are a perfect keepsake of sweet and joyful memories that never get faint or blurred. They always remain as a sign of pure, deep, and immortal love of you for the person you love most.

  • Countless options:

Sola flowers are extraordinary for weddings, DIY’s, and home decoration themes. This combination of beautiful and lively color pops overflows with magical appeal. You can use sola flowers in a variety of situations like;

  • Please place them in your home as a decorative item.
  • Make floral arrangements to keep in your office or workplace.
  • Use sola bouquets as wedding day decorative and for the bridal bouquet and other floral accessories of the wedding.
  • These can be a beautiful part of your birthday party, bridal or baby shower, and a forever keepsake for your unforgettable memories.
  • Sola flowers can be used for bouquets, jewelry, and ornaments.

Wood Flowers

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