5 Interesting Facts you Need to Know About Chinese Wedding Flowers – 2024 Guide

Every tradition in the world has some specific patterns, beliefs, and actions that are special and unique. When it comes to weddings, these traditions become even more interesting. We all associate this event with white dresses and flowers, but it’s not like that in every part of the world. Of course, that’s the modern approach, but in many cultures, people choose to be respectful of their tradition, wearing red dresses, colorful scarfs, and other types of celebration clothes that aren’t associated with white gowns and black tuxedos.

Today we will talk about the most interesting aspects of Chinese weddings, especially the choice of flowers. So, let’s start with one specific color they love most:

1. The red color

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The tradition says that something should be red in color during the celebration. Some of the Chinese brides choose to wear red dresses, to add red details to their white dress, to design, or choosing red flowers for their bouquet. They can also order customized gift boxes from websites like givegift.com.hk, and choose the wanted color. So, when it comes to this, the color is more important than the meaning of the flower, even though they have to be careful with that too. In Chinese culture, red is the color of happiness, fortune, success, and fertility. Families insist on red details so everyone can know that they wish all the best to the newlyweds. But, knowing that this color can be too specific to work with, couples are more likely to choose it as the main color of floral decorations, instead of anything else.

2. They come more as table decoration

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We often see the bride holding a bouquet, but table decorations are important too. They are the focus of the table at every Chinese wedding, and they are pink or red, or their combinations. The guests also bring floral arrangements to the newlyweds, and the bride can hold a small bouquet, usually only for photos.

3. Different flowers have a different meaning

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Chinese culture and tradition recognize the flowers as a symbol of something. At their weddings, you will see lilies, which are a symbol of masculinity, even though we usually relate the flowers with women also. In some specific cases, they are given to the couple, as a blessing for their first child to be a son. Orchids are also a very common choice for Chinese culture, and they are the same as red roses in Western cultures. An orchid for the couple means that you wish them love, happiness, and of course – fortune. Lotus buds are also a pretty common choice, and they are the symbol of the new family. The buds resemble the shape of the heart, and that’s why Chinese people love them. Another common flower is the peony, to represents peace and beauty.

4. Invitations are decorated with symbols and floral patterns

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Flowers are important in the Chinese wedding tradition. The invitations are decorated with red prints of the most common symbols of love, and they come with a red envelope, that can be decorated with flowers too.

5. The meaning of the colors

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As we said, red has the main role in the Chinese wedding celebration, because it’s the symbol of loyalty, love, fertility, and success. Also, the flowers can be decorated with gold accessories, that are a symbol of wealth and fortune. On the other hand, if you want to show the couple an appreciation, avoid giving them white flowers, dark purple, or dark blue. Avoid these colors, and black and grey too in your clothes too.

Other important things you need to know about Chinese wedding traditions

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Many decorations on these weddings come in gold and feature the Chinese symbol of double happiness. The plates and glasses are often gold too because it’s a symbol of good luck to them. You will also see stylized dragons and phoenixes, as ancient Emperor’s symbols that are still featured in modern times to show power and togetherness.

Do you know that besides the flowers, you can also find fruits as wedding decorations in traditional Chinese celebrations? They prefer the red dates, known as jujube, as a symbol of fertility, and hopes for a son. Peanuts are given to wish them good fortune. The fruit known as longan, which is similar to lychee, is also associated with the wishes for sons. Lotus seeds are a symbol of many kids. You can see decorations with dragon fruit, but we already know how important is a dragon in Chinese culture, so they can combine everything related to it.

The brides will often wear the traditional Chinese qipao dress, but often she will change a few of them during the evening.
If the guests want to bring them money as a gift, they must be careful that they don’t put any amount that is dividable with four, or four banknotes too. Four is considered an unlucky number in China. Also, they need to put them in a red envelope.

They pray to the god known as Yuelao, who is responsible for marriages. Most of the couples, before or during the wedding, pray to him, so their marriage can last. They also choose the dates very carefully and often visit a fortuneteller to help them choose the right one. It should be related to their birthdays, but there are also unlucky days in their culture, especially the 18th of March, August, and September, so you will rarely see a Chinese couple get married on these days.


We all know that flowers have an important role in every wedding, and Chinese traditional celebrations are not an exception to it. Also, floral arrangements are often given as a gift to the couple, and if you are invited you will have to pay a lot of attention to the colors and choice of flowers too.

Showing appreciation to the people who invited you is important as in every other culture, and there are only a few differences you need to be respectful of the traditions and culture. You will surely get the same treatment when you invite them back to your important event.