How to Write a Wedding Vow? Tips for the Bride and Groom

You declare your love for your future spouse with ease, but when it comes to preparing your wedding vows, you can’t find the right words. How do you write the perfect newlywed vows? Let’s consider some tips for writing touching vows.

Take the time to prepare

In the pre-wedding rush, it’s easy to forget to prepare your vows and remember them at the very last moment. In this case, you will have to write the text in a hurry. The result will be appropriate. To prevent this from happening, put vow writing on your to-do list, as important as choosing a wedding dress or hairstyle.

Remember that the bride and groom’s vows are one of the most touching moments of the wedding. It will be remembered by each other, the guests, and on video from the celebration. So approach the process responsibly.

Discuss the format of the vows with the groom


It’s not about deciding in advance exactly what each of you will say. But at the very least, it’s worth discussing the format and length of the text with your lover. Otherwise, it could be that you prepare a speech for a few minutes, and he – a couple of sentences. Or you write a deep and serious text, and he – a humorous sketch.

A serious vow listing the highlights of your relationship is fine for a classic-style wedding, with lots of relatives. If you have an informal celebration for friends, let the vows be the same: light, with hints of humor. For the creative couple, a wedding vow in verse will do.

Forget the texts from the Internet

Some brides feel like they can’t write at all. The option of finding a ready-made vow online seems convenient and easy. But think to yourself: do you like receiving congratulations in the form of standard greetings from the web? So the option of taking a vow written by someone else is better to discard immediately. As a last resort, you can ask for help from a writing service. This service will be able to give you some tips on how to make your vows touching. As a rule, specialists have extensive experience in writing all kinds of papers, including wedding vows. An ENL and ESL writer will be a good help in your writing. Check more info at essaysadvisor site.

As for quotations, lines from poems or songs – you shouldn’t get carried away with them too. Include a quote only if it relates to something personal for you and your future spouse. A wedding vow should not be a set of well-known phrases. Let it emphasize your personality.

Talk about your innermost


What should you talk about in your wedding vows? There’s no one-size-fits-all advice here. You can start with the story of how you met – surely many of your guests are not aware of how and where you met each other. Or tell what exactly attracted you to your future spouse, at what point you felt he was your destiny.

Do not get carried away and tell the story in detail. A short sketch on a few lines will be enough. You can also add in the text why you love your chosen one, how your life has changed since you met him, how you see your future.

Be sincere

An obligatory part of a wedding oath is the bride and groom’s vows. In them, you make promises about what you will do in marriage. They can be serious, such as: “I promise to be there for my beloved in the most difficult moments of life” or humorous: “I promise to always find a pair of lonely spouse’s socks.”

Whatever you write in your vow, let it come from the heart. Be as sincere as possible. Write about how you feel without thinking about the opinions of relatives or acquaintances. Do not be afraid to be funny and naive, do not chase originality. A simple text in your style sounds better than fancy phrases.

Write in the right mood


You shouldn’t “hollow out” the text of your vows, trying to create them in an hour or a day. If you can’t write it, set it aside for a while and do it when you’re in the right mood. It may happen that you’ll write a couple of lines today, a couple more the day after, and only a couple of weeks later you’ll get the final version. A useful tip: carry a notebook with you and write down ideas the moment they come to mind. And then shape them into a finished text.

Find a source of inspiration

What inspires you? Does the muse stop by when you’re spending time outdoors? When do you do your favorite hobby? Looking through photos or videos together with your spouse-to-be? A favorite activity and fond memories can help put you in the right frame of mind.

Watch your favorite movies that have a wedding twist – maybe they’ll suggest the right words. Or go with your loved one on a date, let him share memories of your time. You’d be surprised how many events in his memory that you have already forgotten, and how different impressions you have of the same moments in life.

Read your vows out loud


The ideal length of a wedding speech is 2-3 minutes. In less time, you’re unlikely to have time to say everything you want to say. Vows longer than 5 minutes in time will be difficult to listen to all: the groom, and guests, and the wedding registrar. And you’ll have a hard time remembering too long a text.

To determine the timing of your speech, set a stopwatch and read the text aloud. Better yet, record the moment you read it on a tape recorder or video. That way you’ll not only know how long your vows take, but you’ll also hear and see yourself from the sidelines.

Get extraneous out of the way

First, write your vow in a draft and let it “rest” for at least a day. Then go over it with fresh eyes. What’s worth adding or taking away? If in a burst of inspiration you’ve penned a few sheets of text, take the main points from it for your wedding vows, and write the rest in a personal letter to the groom, which you’ll hand in on the morning of the ceremony.

Write the final version on a nice piece of paper. It will be in the photo and video frame, so forget about scraps of notebook sheets. Let it be a piece of paper in shades of your wedding decor: beige, pink, turquoise. The text is better written in large block letters – so it will be easier to read if you suddenly forget the words.

Learn the text by heart


You’re supposed to recite the text from memory, not read it from the sheet. However, a “cheat sheet” won’t hurt. No matter how many times you rehearse your speech in front of the mirror, at the crucial moment the right words usually slip your mind.

Don’t be embarrassed to look up the prompt, and in general – don’t treat your wedding vows like an exam. Let your speech not be perfect, but sincere. The main thing – enjoy the moment, saying important words to your loved one, because this moment will remain with you forever.