8 Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Ring that Suits Your Groom

Getting a wedding ring for the groom is not always a simple task. While brides can take their pick of a huge array of designs, men are more limited in their options, and might think that this leaves them with no choice but to settle for a basic band.

The good news is that this market is enjoying a renaissance at the moment, expanding the availability of men’s wedding rings across a wide spectrum of styles.

The only question, then, is how you can choose a ring that actually suits the style and personality of the man you are marrying. Let’s look at a few tips to help you out.

1. Compare different materials

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The best way to start your search for the ideal wedding ring is to explore the types of materials which are used to make modern pieces for grooms.

Tough, masculine metals like tungsten and titanium are especially popular right now, standing as an alternative to precious metals like gold because they both look good and offer better durability.

These can be tempered with other materials, including natural examples like wood, deer antler and shell.

Checking out the men’s wedding rings at Alpinerings.com is a good way to familiarize yourself with the diverse materials and combinations that are out there right now. This will give you a basic understanding on which you can build the rest of your match-making journey.

2. Consider personal style

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Even if a wedding band looks good in isolation, it might not mesh with the sense of style that a groom has, or the wardrobe they are likely to wear it with everyday.

It’s important to remember that this is a ring that they will want to pop on each morning before they head to work, and not just something they’ll wear for the wedding day before storing it in a drawer for the next 40 years. That means the pairing has to make sense outside of the context of the wedding itself.

It’s probably best to get the groom’s input at this point, as well as to talk to them about what they feel will best fit their personal style.

There’s no point rushing ahead and making a decision for them, as this might leave them with a ring they feel obliged to wear but don’t actually like the look of in the flesh.

3. Check sizing carefully

No matter how stylish and suitable a ring might be for your groom, it needs to be ordered in exactly the right size. This is a must because adjusting these rings is not possible due to the materials involved and how they are put together.

Measure the ring finger carefully and get in touch with the retailer if you have any uncertainty over this matter. It is better to be safe than sorry, and also to take into account the likelihood of the ring size changing between now and the wedding day.

If you and your groom are planning to drop a few pounds in the interim, for example, this could be something to keep in mind.

4. Make a choice that matches your ring

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There’s no hard and fast rule about the bride and groom having matching rings. However, it might be more meaningful if there is some similarity between them.

Seeing them side by side in pictures when the day arrives is inevitable, so if they share certain design cues and materials, the look will be more cohesive.

That said, you could also pick a deliberately contrasting style for your groom’s ring. Whatever the case, if your choice looks deliberate, it will work better than if it seems thrown together without a thought.

5. Watch out for watches

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We already touched on the need to consider the groom’s personal style, but there are specific accessories that could alter your decision on their wedding band, and watches are at the top of the list.

If they tend to wear a glossy-finish gold watch, it might look out of place if their wedding ring has a darker finish, or uses materials that aren’t color coordinated with their timepiece.

On the other hand, if they prefer a simpler digital watch, if this is paired with a bling-tastic bauble, then the effect will be equally disconcerting.

6. Try out different textures

In addition to the myriad styles of rings for men we’ve gone over so far, it’s worth pointing out that even the texture of the surface of this type of jewelry can be totally unique.

Hammered rings are a great example of this, with a patina beaten into the outer surface by craftspeople to give it a more old school, primitive look.

Then there are pieces that have been manually distressed in other ways, such as by having nicks taken out of the metal at random to add an almost post-apocalyptic vibe to their look and feel.

Toying with these textural options will not be for everyone, but the fact that they are on offer at all is impressive.

7. Look for leftfield alternatives

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In this day and age, there are plenty of progressive ways to celebrate your union without necessarily needing to go for any kind of jewelry.

You might feel that your love is better represented by a tattoo of a ring, encircling the appropriate finger and being a permanent symbol of marriage that you can’t ever lose down the plug hole.

8. Ask for a second opinion

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It’s tough for a lot of us to really understand how we look in the clothing and accessories we wear. Often our perceptions don’t gel with the way the rest of the world sees us, and this goes for men’s wedding rings as much as anything else.

If in doubt, ask friends and family how they feel about the wedding rings you are considering. Present them with a few options to get a sense of the general sentiment, and don’t be offended if your favorite is not popular; it’s better to find this out beforehand!