Is It Bad Luck To Wear A Watch On Your Wedding Day? – 2024 Guide

Wedding day should be considered as a discipline of its own. The amount of physical and mental preparation for this moment is as close to the preparation that an Olympic athlete makes.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider for a wedding, there are numerous things you must not forget for the wedding day and there are some superstitions you have to avoid if you are that kind of person if you want everything to go smooth and perfect.

Superstitions are an integral part of our life. Whether you want to admit it or not, even those of us that swear not to believe in these things, do have some things that avoid or try to avoid. This is not something that is crazy, and it shouldn’t be considered crazy behaviour. As I already said it is something that can’t be avoided and it is an integral part of us, our lives.

But let’s get back to wedding day and superstitions that are tied to it. Some of you probably heard, or know about most of those superstitions tied to the wedding day, but here is one even I haven’t heard and was hard to believe that it exists. Some believe that you might have bad luck if you wear a watch on your wedding day. Why is that we will try to explain in this article, but if you want to know more, this website has some answers for you!

Now let’s see if wearing a watch on your wedding day can bring you bad luck.

Wherever we searched for and as much research, we did we didn’t find something concreate regarding watches on a wedding day that is supposed to bring bad luck. What does this mean?

Well, this means that this “superstition” is mostly tied to the fashion side of the entire thing and the basic culture. Let’s break it down, shall we?!

The fashion side

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Having everything go with each other, viewed from a fashion side, is probably the most important thing in a wedding. Weddings went from something traditional to a full-blown fashion thing and having everything fit nicely is very important.

Imagine just how bad would it be if your suit were in two or more different colours; if your materials were different or anything in between. It would most likely look like a clown festival than a wedding. Having every piece of clothes and accessories fit with each other is like having a well-tuned instrument that plays the best tune. If only one thing stands out from another that tune is all off and your harmony falls apart.

The same thing goes with the only accessory that is most visible in male attire and it is the watch. Although it is a small accessory it plays a huge role in the entire male attire. If the watch doesn’t fit well with the rest of what you are wearing it can turn out to be a total disaster. Watches are something that most of us are accustomed to and the accessory that we easily forget about when wearing it but when we take it off we all kind of feel naked right?!

Wedding day superstition regarding the watch is nonexistent and it is merely addressing the type of watch you are going to wear that day. You have to sync your suit, shoes and belt to your watch for it to fit well with everything instead of poking everyone’s eyes whenever you walk past. So as we stated it is more of a fashion thing than a superstition.

The Culture side

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In few places, we found that “superstition” regarding the watch means you are limiting your time together or counting the time you have spent together from that moment. This is total nonsense and it shouldn’t be considered at all. What you should be careful of is that you behave well and not constantly look at your watch? This is basic etiquette, and you should uphold it.

Looking constantly at your watch means you are impatient, you are bored or you are either waiting for something or expecting something. This and only this can be considered something that can ruin your look and feel on this day and nothing else. No time passing, no time limitations, nothing like that. You and only you look pretty bad if you constantly check your watch.

Whether you want to admit it or not, guests tend to pick up on these things and the worst thing that can happen is that they start to interpret your behaviour as trying to get rid of them earlier, you are impatient about the wedding or guests, or you are expecting something to happen. If you have that habit, try and limit yourself in that regard and you will look more professional, as well as more mindful of the one right next to you and the ones all around you. Look into the crowd, smile and enjoy the day, don’t look at your watch – wear it just like any other day.

The bottom line

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The bottom line is that there are no real superstitions tied to wearing a watch to your wedding. Ladies can opt to wear or not, but having a gentleman in a fine wedding suit without a watch is like having him coming naked to the event. When you manage to choose the right one it will fit with everything that day and it can just add to the entire thing instead of having it look like bad luck of some sort.

Stop paying attention to old wives’ tales and “superstitions” like this one today. If you like it and if you wear it, just wear it. Try to pick the right one you need. There are few types of watches you can opt for that day like a dress watch, a charm watch and a metals watch. Each one of these has a role and has a fitment in your special day you just need to find the right one that will sing that beautiful tune with the rest of your event.