Bridal Sets Are a Top Trend in Summer 2024

The current trend in wedding rings seems to revolve around perfectly coordinated bridal sets. Judging by the current jewelry shopping trends, most couples who are preparing for their special day are buying contemporary or classic diamond engagement and wedding rings in a single kit.

Bridal pairs aren’t only chic and glamorous but romantic too.

What Exactly is a Bridal Set?

A bridal set is a perfect combination of an engagement piece and a band that’s traditionally worn by the bride.
The key feature of a lovely bridal combination is that the engagement piece matches with the wedding band in style and color. Both have to fit together perfectly when worn side by side. A good example is a twisted diamond eternity piece with a matching wedding band.

The website has a wide selection of perfectly matching engagement pieces and wedding bands to choose from. When you purchase a bridal pair, you save yourself the time and expenses of finding a wedding band that matches your engagement piece.

The Difference Between Bridal Sets and Wedding Sets

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A wedding set consists of an engagement ring and bands for both the bride and the groom.

On the other hand, a bridal combination includes an engagement ring and a matching wedding band for the bride. It doesn’t include the groom’s wedding band so he has to buy it separately.

When buying a wedding set, you will have all three rings which save you time and money.

Engagement Piece vs. Bridal Set

With a bridal pair, you get both the engagement ring and the wedding band that matches with each other. However, if you don’t go for a bridal pair, you should first buy an engagement piece and then get a matching band if needed.
Some people don’t ever buy a matching wedding band and stick to wearing their engagement piece even after the ceremony.

Advantages of Buying a Bridal Set

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Traditionally, any combination that involves any engagement ring and one or more wedding bands is usually referred to as a set. In the jewelry industry, a bridal set is made of an engagement ring and a matching wedding band.
A wedding pair may or may not have matching bands. There are several advantages of buying a bridal pair over buying an engagement ring and band separately. It’s no wonder why bridal pairs have become quite popular today.

Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Purchasing a bridal pair is simple and convenient. You don’t have to shop for two rings separately. Save time and money by buying a matching pair of an engagement ring and a wedding band from the same place at the same time.
    A bridal combination looks great. It includes a beautifully crafted engagement ring and a matching wedding band for the bride. It’s a unique complimentary pair that can be worn on the same finger.
  • Best Brilliant bridal sets are available in a wide range of designs and options to suit your style. The kits come in a wide range of settings and precious metals that allow you to choose the perfect rings according to your partner’s personal taste, skin tone, and expectations.
  • Bridal pairs offer value for money. When you buy two or more rings at the same time, you’re likely to spend less money than if you bought each separately.

Typical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Bridal Set

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Bridal sets have become quite popular today but there are a few things or mistakes you should avoid to make sure that you purchase the perfect combination of an engagement ring and wedding band.
These are basic mistakes that you can avoid with some research on bridal pairs available at your favorite jewelry dealer.

Typical mistakes include:

  • Choosing models with shapes that don’t match. Keep in mind that the engagement ring should always complement the wedding band.
  • Buying pieces with incompatible metals. Not all metals have the same durability. One made of platinum or similar hard metal can easily damage a white gold one when worn together over the long term. You can always ask the jeweler for compatible metal recommendations.
  • Buying disproportionate models. Selecting matching pieces goes beyond choosing the same metal or gemstones. You should also consider the size, weight, and overall balance. Remember they will be worn on the same finger so they should have the same proportion.

How to Wear a Bridal Set

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You should wear only the engagement ring before the wedding ceremony. Then after the wedding, you can put both of them on one finger with the wedding band coming first closest to your heart.

Usually, engagement pieces come with complicated designs that include a diamond or gemstone while wedding bands as the name suggests are just a simple band.

Can I Propose a Bridal Set?

You can do it however you want but most people propose with an engagement piece only and give the matching wedding band at the ceremony.

Usually, the future bride wears the engagement piece until the wedding comes and then she wears both after.
But in the end is a matter of personal preference. You can propose with a bridal pair if you want to let your future wife know you have a matching combination.


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Bridal combinations are quite popular today. They help you save time, avoid the hassle of shopping for an engagement ring and a wedding band separately, and can also help you make significant savings when you purchase both of them from the same place.

It could get hard trying to buy matching engagement rings and wedding bands separately, so a bridal pair makes much more sense in this case.

If you need help when shopping for bridal sets, you can always reach out to Best Brilliance’s friendly customer care who will gladly help you find a perfect pair from their wide collection of popular bridal pairs.