How You Can Come Up With A Good Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags weren’t something you had to think about a decade ago. Now, however, they’ve become increasingly common. If you’re struggling to find a good wedding hashtag and you don’t have any ideas, it would be wise to make use of a great wedding hashtag generator like Wedding Hashers. Otherwise, here are a few suggestions that will help to get you on the right track.

Keep It Simple

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You want to make sure that the hashtag you select is easy to use. If you pick something long or difficult to spell, many people won’t bother to use your hashtag in their posts.

If you stick to a basic hashtag that’s easy to type out, everyone will be glad to use it, which means people will easily be able to check the hashtag for photos and updates. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. A simple hashtag idea is always going to be best.

Try Using Names

In most cases, wedding hashtags include the names of the happy couple. You can use first or last names when you’re coming up with a hashtag. For example, you could use something like “#JonAndLiz” or “#SmithWedding.” There are all kinds of combinations that you can try. Get ideas from the online tool which will a unique hashtag for you.
Since everyone attending will know the couple’s names, these kinds of hashtags are usually very easy to remember. When people think about a wedding, the couple is generally the first thing that they think of. That’s why names are ideal for wedding hashtags.

Add-In Numbers

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If you have an idea for a wedding hashtag, but that idea seems to be taken, an easy solution is to add a number to it. For example, instead of using “#JonesWedding” as a hashtag, you could try using “#JonesWedding2020.” It’s a way to take a common hashtag and make it your own.

Whether you choose to use the year of the wedding, the wedding date, or another number that is significant to the couple in some way, adding numbers makes it possible to create the perfect wedding hashtag. Try out a few different numbers and see if you can find something that works well with your chosen hashtag.

Check The Tag

You might think that your hashtag is totally original, but there’s a chance that someone else has used it before. Don’t tell everyone about the tag you’ve selected until you’ve checked to make sure that no one is using the hashtag for something else.

In addition to making sure that the hashtag you’ve picked out isn’t in use, you’ll want to look at hashtags that are similar to the one you’ve chosen. For example, if your hashtag is “#BobandSara,” and the hashtag “#BobandSarah” is being used for something else, people could wind up getting the two hashtags confused.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun

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You don’t need to stick with something boring and bland when you’re picking out a wedding hashtag. You should feel free to experiment and have some fun. Whether you include a pun, an inside joke, or a cute romantic message, a personalized hashtag will really make people smile.

Your hashtag can be a basic message that makes it easier to track photos, but it can also express your personality. This can also be a way to create a custom hashtag that includes common names. For example, if your surname is Truett, you could try using a hashtag like “#TruettLove.”

Come Up With A Few Ideas

Try to come up with a few potential wedding hashtags. Create a few variations on the hashtags that you have. Put together a list of hashtags and pick the best options from that list.

Why is it better to have a few different hashtag ideas? To start, having multiple ideas — and variations on those ideas — means you won’t be stuck if you wind up picking a hashtag that someone has already used. Beyond that, having lots of ideas will encourage you to think more creatively when selecting a hashtag.

Always Capitalize

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A hashtag will work no matter which letters are capitalized. “#ZackAndKatie” and “#zackandkatie” will both lead to the same place. However, when you’re sharing your hashtag with other people, you’ll want to make sure that you capitalize the first letter of every single word.

Why is this sort of capitalization necessary? You want to make sure that people can clearly read what the hashtag says. That way, you can make sure that people use the hashtag correctly. People might not take the time to capitalize on these letters themselves, but if you capitalize, you can make sure that the hashtag people use is the right one.

Test Your Hashtag

You might think you’ve picked out the perfect hashtag. However, once you try using that hashtag out, you might spot a few problems. For example, if you’re using the hashtag “#SaraAndMatt,” you might run into issues because the letter “A” appears twice in a row. You can fix this by using “#MattAndSara” instead.

A few test posts can help you to confirm that the hashtag you’ve selected is the right one. It’s better to test out a hashtag ahead of time than it is to realize there are issues with your hashtag when it’s too late for you to fix them.

Spread The Word

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Don’t wait until your wedding to start using the hashtag you’ve chosen. Ideally, you should start using your hashtag as soon as you possibly can. Using your hashtag early will ensure that everyone knows that the hashtag is.

Using your hashtag early on is also a way to claim your hashtag. If you start using your hashtag when you send out your Save the Dates, you’re ensuring that someone else won’t be able to swoop in and start using the hashtag you’ve selected later down the road.

Wedding hashtags are a great way to share information and keep track of important wedding moments. Take the time to pick out the perfect hashtag for your upcoming wedding. No matter what you decide on, you’ll be able to find a hashtag that feels right for your wedding.