How to Cope With a Canceled Wedding Plan – 2024 Guide

Disappointments, canceled plans, and unmet expectations are common, but for a bride or groom, these can be more than just frustrating. It’s understandably incredibly disheartening to know that what will be canceled is your wedding. This is especially true nowadays that the Coronavirus has been forcing countries and states to issue stay at home orders. With a huge majority of the businesses, workplaces, and non-essential services closing down, it’s as if everything has been put on hold.

While you can still get married now, Landmark Event Co recommends holding a small wedding gathering while observing social distancing protocols. If you can wait, you can hold your wedding when the health crisis is over. Your wedding booking can always be renegotiated. Whatever your decision is, your loved ones’ safety should be your top priority.

It’s normal to feel frustrated when something that you planned and longed for to happen ends up getting canceled at the last minute. However, the emotional and financial repercussions can differ for every individual. While others can be optimistic and shrug off any lingering negative thoughts and emotions, others can feel totally defeated. In either case, the company, advice, and help of family and friends are very much welcome. If you or your soon-to-be wife or husband is in this situation, check out these tips below.

Release your frustration

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There are three ways of releasing anger. Visual people tend to release their anger by seeking rewards. Say, for example, buying something expensive or treating themselves to a luxurious experience to relieve the anger. Auditory individuals, on the other hand, can only be relieved of their frustrations if somebody hears them out. Lastly, kinesthetic people release their anger by moving. They usually jog, walk, or exercise to get rid of the extra negative energy. Identify which of these modes applies to you and do it. Never keep your negative feelings all to yourself. Otherwise, you’ll soon explode.

Talk to your loved ones

If the only reason your wedding plan is canceled is due to the pandemic, you can always reschedule later. What’s more important now is that you, your partner, and your families and friends are safe. If you’ve already paid for everything, talk to your suppliers, and make arrangements for a later wedding. However, if your wedding has been canceled due to other more serious and permanent reasons, the best way to deal with your emotions is to talk it out with a loved one who understands and can empathize.

The people you’re close with can offer both sound pieces of advice and reassuring words that you’re not alone in your predicament. And sometimes, even if they can’t solve your problem, their presence is more than enough to help you cope with anxiety and depression. But if you feel totally helpless even after talking to a loved one, it’s best to seek professional help.

Don’t be too hard on yourself by wallowing in your negative emotions. No one will judge you if you share your emotions and thoughts with a licensed psychiatrist. They’re there to help you process your emotions and allow you to grieve properly. To keep yourself safe, instead of going out to visit a psychiatrist, you can try looking for one through telepsychiatry instead.

Try a new hobby

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For you to forget something as emotionally burdensome as a canceled wedding, you need to train your mind not to think about it. While this is easier said than done, it’s not impossible. Find something you’re interested in and passionate about and spend time doing it. If you’ve been wanting to take up a new online course in digital marketing, go for it. If you’ve been meaning to learn how to play an electric guitar or drums, try it out. Or if you want to see if you still have a green thumb, try gardening again.

Don’t force yourself to try something you won’t enjoy. The goal here is to get your mind off something that’s been torturing you emotionally and mentally.  If you feel like you are in need of support to process how you are feeling, reach out to BetterHelp today. Trying something you’re not passionate about can only lead to frustration, disappointments, and other ill-feelings that can be associated with what the wedding cancelation has made you feel.

Refocus your attention

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While family, friends, and professionals can help you, you also must go the extra mile to help yourself. If the wedding is canceled permanently, give yourself time to mourn. You don’t have to be okay the next day, week, or month. Take the time off to allow yourself to grieve and feel sad. And when you can, slowly shift your attention to other things. Now that you don’t have to give a huge chunk of your time preparing for your wedding, you will have more me-time or time to explore other things you’re passionate about.

You can also reconnect with friends and family members you’ve neglected because you were busy with your romantic relationship. Now that you no longer have a wedding to save for, you can save more money for your future plans. You can even enroll yourself in online classes. You can buy that fancy dress you’ve been wanting for the longest time. You can now splurge on beauty products. Do whatever floats your boat. Be kind to yourself. This is your time and you deserve it.

When things don’t go your way, it’s quite easy to get mad or frustrated. While some accept such disappointment more easily than others, at the end of the day, everyone needs to process their emotions. If you take a shorter time to get over it, that’s great. However, if you’re one of those who require a longer time to be okay, don’t push yourself. It’s perfectly okay to heal at your own pace. Remember, life itself is not a race. It’s a marathon. You’ll take more than a week, month, or year to accept everything, but one thing’s for sure — you’ll get there.