11 Ways to Use RV for Your Wedding Plans – 2024 Guide

Weddings nowadays are not just the same as the usual church, garden, or beach weddings. Some couples even opt to extreme wedding locations to have a memorable, unique, and exciting wedding experience that they can look back to for years to come.

Another wedding event that you can add to these unique weddings is an RV Wedding. Not as extreme as the other wedding ideas out there, but still a unique one that you might want to consider if you are planning to have that once in a lifetime experience making that wedding memorable. Here are some of the things you might want to consider before having that RV Wedding.

1. Consider Getting a 5th Wheel Hitch

According to rvcamping.com, having a 5th wheel hitch on your RV is one of the essentials nowadays in traveling. 5th wheel hitches are considered unique campers, considering that they are designed to be attached to a ruck or car rather than attached to the rear bumper of a tow truck or tow vehicle. These hitches can be larger at times and heavier because of how they were designed. Compared to regular travel trailers, hitches are more user-friendly too. If you are the type of traveler that does not want to spend extra time worrying about hitching or unhitching your RV to or from your vehicle, leaving the 5th wheel hitch can also be possible. Changing the 5th wheel hitch might be done if you have changed vehicles or RV’s.

2. Create a To-Bring List

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Create a list of the things that you need to bring to the RV. Prioritize the things you need over the things you want to bring; this list should include extra clothing, underwear, or even blankets. You don’t want to be spending the nights shivering in your RV on those cold nights on the road.

3. Pack Lightly

Always consider packing lightly because an RV wedding is more like a vacation trip. Bring only the necessary clothes or equipment and also consider bringing in some extra batteries or charging pods for your gadgets. You don’t know when you will have that next stopover to charge those gadgets of yours.

4. Bring A Map

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If your phones or tablets or other gadgets happen to run out of charge or batteries and you don’t know where you should be headed next, bring a map. Always consider bringing an updated one too and not the one that your parents bought some three decades ago. A map will be your best friend if Siri or Google Maps are not available to tell you where to turn next.

5. Know Your Stopovers

Before having that RV wedding, take time to check online or ask your friends who travel a lot where good stopovers are. By doing so, you eliminate the possibility of bringing a lot of food with you when you can eat at the stopover. Knowing your stopovers will help you save the possibility of spoiling packed food while on the RV.

Also, check the areas where you can park your RV while traveling. Some motels and parking areas offer cheap fees for parking your RV if you need to sleep before hitting the road again.

6. RV Rentals

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If you do not own an RV, you can still get in on the idea by considering renting one because RV rentals are coming back on the scene. Many families and couples see RV as the preferred mode of transportation for weddings, events, family vacations, and weekend getaways. RV Rentals are now making a giant step into the world of weddings. Brides and grooms are falling in love with the versatility and accommodations offered by RV rentals.

7. RVs Can Serve as Extra Accommodation

One of the first things you should consider for your guests is to look for accommodations. Instead of looking for hotels in the area or maybe even look for private rooms around the wedding area, getting an RV to rent for a couple of days might be a unique idea. RVs as extra accommodation would be a fun way to make your outdoor wedding incredibly unique. Include the information about renting an RV to utilize as accommodations on your wedding invitations, and your guests will love it.

By accommodating your guests on RV and resenting rentals as an option for accommodations for wedding and choosing whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you are giving your guests more opportunities to spend time together, take a break from everyday life and relax, and explore the outdoors.

8. RV Accommodations versus Hotel Accommodations

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Brides and grooms customarily orchestrate a “room-block” at nearby hotels for their guests before the wedding. One problem with this idea is that room-blocks tend to keep everyone inside all day. The idea of walking from one room to another can sometimes mean a trek across a hotel. By staying in a nearby RV Park in an RV rental, you and your guests will be spending time with nature while watching sunsets from around your campfire. RV Accommodations make your wedding especially special.

9. One Place to Stay

Having an RV rental stationed at or near your wedding venue also leaves the possibility for more people to stay in one place. On average, hotel rooms usually sleep around 4-6 guests. On the other hand, RV rentals reach upwards of 10 guests and sometimes even more. At times, these large rentals run around the same cost compared to renting a small hotel room. RVs are cheaper, and they sometimes come in the kitchen, too.

10. A Place to Relax

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RV remodels, specifically those used for weddings, bring out the creativity and uniqueness in your wedding. One of the most charming RV rentals offered to weddings is RV photo-booths. RV Rental companies are now offering RVs that can specifically cater to whatever you might need. Some RVs are designed to serve as picture or photo booths, and some were even remade into mini spas or relaxation booths, with massage chairs and other relaxing paraphernalia.

11. Catering Services on RV

Some wedding receptions even have RVs as drinking booths or drinking stations. We have seen people use RVs as extra storage for alcoholic beverages or even food for the guests. Catering services have also been seen in converting an RV trailer to provide food and drink services. Remodeled trailers seem to be the fan-favorite for the dinner and drinks portion of the wedding event.

Nowadays, you can rent teardrop trailers that were remodeled specifically for these wedding events. Add to the happy tears at your wedding by renting these RVs to brighten one of the most memorable days, which is your wedding day.