How To Transform Your Wedding Footage Into A Breath-Taking Film

Wedding images are an essential part of every wedding. Besides guests and all other pomp having a photographer there who will capture those moments on both film and video is important. Today we will be talking about these things and tell you how you or your photographer can use the material from your wedding to make an awesome film.

As we already said having a good photographer is imperative, but how do you know when someone is good or not? Most of us get information from friends and family, especially those that already used their services. If you have a friend who got married and had a photographer that they liked, try and get their info and go have a sit-down. You can also browse the web and find a photographer of your liking by browsing through their previous work, and seeing what you like or dislike. The best thing to do is to go to each of them in person and see what they do, and what equipment they use and see if you like them or not.

Now that we finished that let’s dive into what your photographer can do to make those wedding images and videos into one awesome movie that everyone will talk about. We know one place that can do all that and they are Bride& a video editing company that provides full-service post-production and editing to transform your wedding footage into a film that is breath-taking to watch and will take your clients right back to their wedding day.


To create an awesome wedding film, you need to do what every filmmaker does – have a good story. Now since the couple has decided to get married the good story isn’t in question, all you have to do is make it happen. A good photographer will sit down with their clients and talk about them. Who they are, what they do, how they meet, and what are a few rememberable things from the pre-wedding period? Do they have any video footage or pictures from that time and incorporate that into the wedding part?

Now in this part of the pre-marriage times, you can include anything you want or anything the couple has opted to include. Many photographers take all of this information and make a video like they think it should be and present it to the couple. This is a nice thing if you want to surprise them and see if they like it or how they like it. to play safe, you can talk to them and see what they had in mind and maybe work around that.

When that initial thing has been settled you can start at the beginning. Include those first months and days of their relationship, you can add their first travel together, their first big up and down, and you can create a whole story of how everything began and led up to this point. One thing that you need to look out for is to not make that initial part too long because the focus of the video should be today, or the wedding and their coronation and celebration of the beginning of their life together. Try to be concise and include several things they want or would like to remember and move to the more important things like engagement. Where it was, how it happened, the planning period and similar things.


After this intro of a sort, you can now work on the wedding and the entire sequence of things that starts from the bride and groom getting prepared for the ceremony and the party afterwards. Now, this part of making a bride and groom film can be like any other wedding video, just try to incorporate it well into the story from the beginning. Some things need to be more pronounced in the video like the ceremony itself, the couple’s wows and the kisses and “I do” part.

This is what needs to be a pinnacle of the video and it will be your active part of the vid. The rest can fall into the category of action that leads the ceremony like toasts and friends and family around the bride and groom while the final part of the video can be the resolution of your little move which should end with the awesome party at the end.

All of this takes a lot of creativity and you do need to pay attention to some of the best romantic movies and take as much as you can from there and incorporate it into your vision. Another important thing is that these shouldn’t be too long. You need to hit a sweet spot in the movie duration so you capture and keep the attention of everyone watching it and reminiscing about the event, from beginning to end.


A good photographer will listen and implement the wishes of their customers but the best ones will combine a little bit of both theirs and the customers’. In general bride and groom know what they want and it is up to your photographer or the video maker to add a bit of his/her magic to the entire thing. The best results and the best customer satisfaction will be obtained with this combo. Their wishes should be your priority while the editing part and the video magic behind it should be the photographers doing.

All in all, this seems like a very cut-and-dry thing and what you as a customer see at the end seems like an easy thing to pull off, but very little of us know what a photographer and videographer has to do to get us that stunning video at the end. There must be a lot of understanding and a lot of respect from both sides if you want the best results. Rushing for perfection is never a good thing so you as a customer should instantly get rid of the notion that your wedding video masterpiece should and can be done in a matter of few days. Let your chosen video team do their thing and the results should blow you away. You will be proud to own such a thing and everyone who sees it should be equally awed and satisfied.