What Should Be Included in a Wedding Booklet?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Every detail has been accounted for and you want everything to be perfect. One way to help ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch is to create a wedding booklet.

This handy guide can help you keep track of all the important details of your wedding, from who is responsible for what tasks to a timeline of events. Including a wedding booklet in your wedding planning will help you stay organized and on top of everything, so you can focus on enjoying your special day. Here are some things to consider including in your wedding booklet:

The Date and Time of the Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding booklets are an essential part of a wedding celebration, as they contain all the vital details that help ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. A wedding booklet should include not only information about the hosts and bride and groom but also the date and time of the ceremony.

Wedding booklet printing can be customized in a range of styles and designs to suit your tastes, making them truly special for your big day. Whether you choose printed booklets or digital copies, you can make sure that yours contain all you need in terms of up-to-date information about when the event will take place.

As such, it’s important to double-check that you have included this essential piece of information so guests have access to it!

The Location of the Wedding Ceremony

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The wedding ceremony will take place at a romantic, secluded church nestled in the hills of Southern Europe. This cozy country church is the perfect setting for an intimate, heartfelt ceremony.

Featuring red brick walls topped with an antique wooden roof, and an impressive organ, it offers a rich historic background that creates an enchantment like no other. Guests will be delighted to find themselves transported to a bygone era as they walk up the winding path that leads to this special venue. We look forward to celebrating our love in a fairytale setting and making everlasting memories!

The Name of the Officiant

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When deciding who will officiate the wedding, couples typically have a variety of choices. While there are plenty of non-traditional routes to choose from, the traditional route is to select an officiant who is authorized by a religious body or civil jurisdiction.

It is important to consider who the bride and groom would like as their officiant and then incorporate their name in the wedding booklet.  Regardless of whether or not guests are familiar with the officiant’s name, having it in the booklet allows everyone to know who it was that presided over the ceremony and said those beloved vows.

A Schedule of Events for the Day

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Before a wedding ceremony can begin, couples need to decide what events should take place on a special day. As such, a schedule of events should be included within the wedding booklet so that all attendees know when to arrive and what activities are taking place.

This schedule will include the approximate time for the ceremony, along with any pre-ceremony festivities like cocktail hours or delivering gifts. Don’t forget to include one or two breaks throughout the day where people can step away and take some quiet time or explore the location.

The Names of the Bride and Groom’s Parents

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The parents of the bride and groom are often an integral part of the wedding day, providing support and guidance throughout the planning process. Including their names in the wedding booklet is a thoughtful way to acknowledge their contribution and thank them for their support.

It’s recommended to list their names on the cover page of the booklet or in a dedicated section that provides information about the families. This information can also be useful for guests who may not have met their parents before, making it easier for them to identify them on the day of the wedding.

The Names of the Bridal Party Members

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The bridal party plays an important role on the wedding day and is made up of some of the closest friends and family members of the bride and groom. Including their names in the wedding booklet is a great way to introduce them to the guests and show appreciation for their support.

The names of the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers should be listed, along with any other members of the bridal party. Additionally, it’s helpful to include photos and brief bios for each member of the party to help guests get to know them better and make them feel more connected to the wedding day.

Directions to the Ceremony and Reception Venues

It’s important to include clear directions to the ceremony and reception venues in your wedding booklet, especially if the locations are unfamiliar or difficult to find.

You can provide written directions or include a map to help guests navigate their way to the venues. Including details such as parking options, public transportation options, and any landmarks to look out for can also be helpful.

Accommodations Information

Many guests may be traveling from out of town to attend your wedding, so it’s important to provide accommodation information in your wedding booklet. This can include a list of recommended hotels or accommodations, as well as any special discounts or rates that you have arranged for your guests.

It’s also helpful to include transportation options from the accommodations to the ceremony and reception venues, such as shuttle services or public transportation routes.


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All couples want their wedding day to be special, and one way to make sure your special day is perfect is to create a wedding booklet with all the important information.

By following the suggestions outlined above, you can ensure your ceremony will run smoothly. From the date and time of the ceremony to the name of the officiant, tangible reminders like a wedding booklet help everyone involved keep track of key details.

With your wedding booklet in hand, you can finally rest assured knowing that you’ve taken the necessary steps to plan an incredible wedding experience for both you and your guests.