6 Tips to Help You Pick What Bridal Accessories to Wear

Everything that went on before the wedding day, the planning, and arranging everything, all that running around and stress becomes far less important when that special day comes. Now, picking the venue, whether to go with a band or DJ, and the guest list are just some of the things you need to deal with when planning a wedding, but even that is far less troubling than when you have to pick the dress or bridal accessories, which is why we will try to help you make those decisions easier.

Decide what you really want

Okay, this is the most honest answer one can get, but also the most troubling one. Namely, deciding on the style can be easy for those who already know what they want, but for those unaware of which style they prefer or when there are several of them, then it can be a bit more challenging. That is why staying true to your style is the best possible answer in these situations, as nothing will ever make you feel better than when you are wearing something you are fond of and already like. Yes, it is a special occasion, the one where everything should work flawlessly, and more importantly, the one when you should feel like a princess, but that’s just a reason more to stay true to your style, and the only thing to worry about is to match accessories with the wedding dress.

Carefully consider the jewelry


There is a piece of jewelry for every occasion, and the goal here is to match the dress but not to draw more attention than it should. That’s also the biggest problem here, as many think that the larger or shiner the necklace, the better it will look, which, even though it might work in certain cases, it’s extremely tough to match it and not to go to the extreme. What you want is to go with jewelry that will fit the dress, enhance the look and add more style, and to get to this point, you need to pick statement jewelry like pearls for a more elegant dress. Keep in mind that just like there is a flower for every occasion, this rule also applies to jewelry.

The beauty lies in the simplicity


It can be pretty challenging to find a wedding accessory that matches the dress, especially today when we have so many options to choose from, meaning that it is pretty easy to get carried away. That’s the problem with most things today, as everything is just a few clicks away, and we can order some accessories in a matter of minutes. Of course, this also means that we can easily get carried away and get much more things than we actually need, which will just do more harm than good. That is why keeping it simple is the best possible advice for wedding accessories, as it will perfectly show who you are and enhance your looks, but those accessories will not draw too much attention. The most common mistake is going with certain accessories simply because they are trendy, as just because something is trendy today doesn’t mean that it will be a year or ten years from now.

Think about gloves

A few decades ago, gloves were extremely popular, and it was almost impossible to see the bride without them. If you are a fan of that romantic retro look, picking the right gloves might be the best way to enhance your look for that important day. There are different models to choose from, from those made of silk, lace, and many other materials to colorful ones, but the most popular are still classic white ones that can make a perfect match with a dress. In addition to the romantic look, one can choose to wear a matching umbrella and make it even lovelier.

Choose the right purse


Each bride needs a purse because it can be pretty annoying to carry around the phone and other small items that might be needed at any moment. The main problem is how to choose the purse size, color, and material. Well, of course, it is your day, and you can choose whatever you want, but it is probably the best idea to pick a small purse that matches the dress because it can be pretty hard to carry around the big one. Besides that, you surely will not need a lot of stuff, so the big purse would probably be half empty.

The shoes can be the most important


Being the bride is one of the most beautiful feelings in someone’s life, but many forget that it can easily become a real nightmare, especially if the shoes do not fit. Spending an entire day in uncomfortable shoes, dancing, and walking around to chat with guests can be painful and ruin the entire wedding day. It is not only an hour or two if it is cheerful and the atmosphere is positive, but a wedding can also last until late at night. Because of that, it is important to choose comfortable shoes, but it can be tricky to match them with a dress, especially if you choose a short one, and the shoes are visible all the time. However, it is possible, so try to pay attention to the shoes, but do not let them become the main star of your outfit.

To summarize

There is no doubt that a wedding day is one of the most important ones in most peoples’ lives, and we all want to make it perfect. Because of the pressure of everything to be perfect, brides can be a little anxious and nervous thanks to too much planning, but there is no reason for that. Following these tips should make the planning process much easier, but the most important is to remember that not all need to be perfect to have the best day of our lives. Because of that, the best tip is to relax and enjoy instead of losing time by being nervous without any reason. And if you need great bridal accessories but do not know where to buy them, check AW Bridal.