How to Ensure a Less Costly Wedding Reception Decor – 2024 Guide

While weddings are normally ceremonial, to most of us, the actual party starts at the reception – dancing + food +open bar equals to the real fun. For the newlyweds, the party is normally the time for relaxing and being free; however, the setting of the party is nothing but feeling relaxed, particularly if you are operating on a limited budget.

Fortunately, there are various methods of saving money on enjoyment, memorable décor and elegance. Below are some of the best ideas you can always apply to ensure a cost-effective wedding reception décor

10 ideas for saving money on decorations at your wedding party

Using white Christmas lighting

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Most of us tend to utilize white Christmas lighting throughout the year on our back porches simply for beauty purposes. The entire set of lights can be a stunning inclusion to any given wedding party setting. You can place them around your tables, hung them on the ceiling, put them around your wedding cake or in your potted crops. In case you don’t fancy Christmas lights, you can always go for lanterns in their place.

Tie Ribbons

Since renting and making seat covers can sometimes prove to be very costly and time-consuming, you can always opt for tie ribbons. Here, you will need to find some elegant wide ribbons and have them tied behind your seats to enhance the beauty and smarten things up. The point here is that ribbons are always a cost-effective option concerning seat covers. Allow your friends to help you cut and tie them for the great occasion.

Include Water Features

Incorporating a water attribute in your party can be a wise idea. No matter the size – small or big – it can always serve the purpose, after all. The water fountain sound is always refreshing and it can be very appealing to your guests while relaxing at the party.

Use Feathers

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When it comes to decorating a wedding reception, feathers play a critical role. You can acquire them in huge quantities from Amazon or craft stores and make big feather wreaths for hanging on walls or include them in flower centerpieces for a beautiful and affordable display.

Decorate using Food

What you settle for a wedding drink and food and how you arrange it on plates can enhance the excitement at your wedding party. Big and a variety of candy apothecary jars on your dessert bar produce a partying mood, while stunning trays, as well as fresh garden rustic bread and cheeses, could immediately turn the reception into a much more natural experience.

Include Candles

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Ensure that your reception is dimly lit as this greatly enhances the romantic mood. With several candles glowing in your room, you can bet that things will look lovelier than you would expect in a fully lit room. Consider the shyness associated with weddings and you will agree to the fact that keeping it dim makes things even more romantic. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on candles as they are quite affordable.

Cover using Fabric

You can choose to purchase your preferred rolls of fabrics from Amazon or craft stores and put them to various uses including table covers, ceiling decorations. This is because absolute fabrics work better here and generate an amorous environment as well.

Consider a picnic

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Have you ever been to a wedding party where the tables are mere blankets and cushions? Try it and you will realize the full fun that comes with a wedding. Let each of your blankets have its special picnic basket full of delicacies and wine. This will make your wedding reception look more stylish and special – not talking about the low costs as compared to having things the official way with hired seats.

Flaunt your engagement pictures

There is no doubt that everyone at your wedding will want to have a glimpse at your engagement pictures. As such, the reception provides that much-needed opportunity of displaying them. In the actual sense, your reception could be the best and only place your visitors can ever have the chance of looking at your photos. Besides, you will need to come along with your best pictures (yours and those of your partner) for display at the reception. In case you are in doubt about having them presented in frames or collage, then you need to think of slide-showing them at the reception for enhanced enjoyment. 

Make Fun using Flowers

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Visualize a wedding party with huge bunches of flower displays – extremely beautiful, I believe! With this in place, you can rest assured that everything at your reception will not only look elegant but attractive and memorable as well. Honestly, flower balls play a critical role when it comes to decorating a wedding reception. Although there are those specially created flower balls, you can still make your own using big Styrofoam balls purchased from Amazon or any craft store and putting the flower stems into them. This will be less costly so long as you take advantage of the readily available silk flower balls or buy them online.


While some people wish for luxurious and lucrative wedding parties, it is good to remember that this is only the beginning of your life together as a couple and there are other things to accomplish thereafter. Thus, it is always good to think of the future and save more for the same. Why go for the costly wedding arrangements and remain in debt when you can accomplish the same on a lean budget? Consider the above tips and you will have no cause for worry after your wedding party. While wedding parties are huge and stunning, you do not have to spend a fortune to secure one. You only have to add a little creativity and your knowledge to create a romantic environment for your great occasion.