5 Tips on How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding – 2024 Guide

Planning your wedding is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you but it is also kind of stressful. On your special day you want everyone you love to be there including friends and family and in both those categories includes your dog. Your hearts will not be full without your dog in the ceremony. Plus, many of the guests will be amazed that you have brought your pet to the ceremony and it will brighten their day even more.

There are many ways that you can include your pet in your wedding but you have to think about every possible scenario that could happen and most importantly how to prevent bad things to happen. You can include your pet just on the photo shoot or you can also have it on the ceremony doing a task like bearing the ring or just walking down the aisle.

In this article, we will talk about the many ways that you can include your pup in your wedding and what you need to consider when making the decision to make your special day go without a problem.

1. You need to understand your dog’s characteristics

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Before you decide whether to take your dog or not, you need to understand the characteristics of its personality. Is your pup comfortable around many people, or is it anxious around them? In short, you need to make sure that your dog can behave well during the wedding and not cause a problem that may be too big.

Also, you need to make sure that the guests are not afraid of dogs because that can be a little tricky to arrange especially if that person is one of your close ones. You will have to choose which one to bring if they can’t be calm around your dog. A thing that you don’t want to do is to think the whole day is your pup calm or if your pet will behave well, not only that you will not be as comfortable as you should, but you really don’t need additional stress that day.

2. Decide what your dog is going to do

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This topic needs to be worked out well. You will really need to think about what your pup is going to do at your wedding. Are you planning on giving him a task or you just plan to sit them somewhere so they can be present? One of the things that you might involve your pup in is your photoshoot. Put on a cute suit and make him pose. Make sure that the costume is comfortable on him to avoid other problems. You should discuss this option with the person who is taking the photos so they can come up with ideas for cool photos so you will remember them forever.

Another option is to have your pup deliver the ring on the aisle. You have surely seen a video of this on social media and you think that is cute and you want to do the same. Before you decide on this option make sure that your dog is capable of doing this because if it gets distracted it can go down bad.

3. Make sure that the vendors know that your dog is coming

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You need to make sure that the vendors know that your pup is coming so they can organize everything to be perfect for the guests and for your dog as well. They have worked with situations like these so it would not be a problem to arrange another wedding with a pup included. If your wedding takes place in a venue that is not open air you have to talk with the manager if they allow pets at all. With this information that you provide to your vendors, your wedding will be much better organized and you won’t need to stress about it.

4. Try your pet’s role before the moment comes

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This is really important if you want everything to go as planned especially if you selected an active role for your puppy. Since dogs learn with repetition it is better to try everything out so they don’t have as much pressure as doing it for the first time when there are people around. You can do this at home, but you should try this at the venue before the guest come so you are completely sure that it will work out.

If it is not going the way you planned initially, you can always change the plan and have someone else deliver the ring.

If you still want to include your dog you can have someone walk the dog to you and you can get the ring this way. Make sure that the person who is walking the pup is comfortable with it, and that is also a person that your pup knows so everything goes down perfectly.

Also, don’t forget that you can get an outfit for your pet to make the entire ceremony even cuter. If you click here, you’ll see there are tuxedos and a lot of other types of clothing for dogs available.

5. Have someone to take care of your dog while the ceremony is running

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Having someone in charge of your dog is essential to avoid problems. That person should be either a professional or someone from your friends or family that would want to do that. Since these ceremonies usually take a long time, your dog may become bored and may cause problems. If your pup starts barking it can become too annoying for everyone there and it may ruin your whole celebration. You don’t want your pet to be uncomfortable in this whole situation so that is why it is important to have someone care for him.

This should not be a problem since there are people who will find your pet interesting and will play with him from time to time. Also, it will be great for little kids since they don’t do anything on these events so they can play with your pup and that is a win-win situation.


Including your dog in an event of this character can be tricky but it surely is one of the best things to do if your pet is comfortable in situations like these. Make sure there is someone who will take care of it and everything will be great.