15 Trendy Ideas for Your Wedding

No matter how many weddings you have attended or how many Pinterest posts you have saved, when it comes to your wedding – you want something unique. Moreover, the wedding theme and venue should reflect your and your partner’s personality.

However, that does not mean that you cannot pick a trendy wedding theme or play around with it. Seeking some inspiration to get started?

Take a look at these ideas that can make your wedding beyond perfect.

1. Greenery Instead of Flowers

Source: offbeatbride.com

Plants are all the trend these days. So, why not extend its influence to weddings too. Instead of using floral arrangements to set the décor, utilize vines, leaves, lush and other foliage. You can even take one step further and use foliage as your bouquet.

This can also be a great tip for those who wish to cut the cost of their wedding. Needless to say, it would add a fresh look to the ambiance.

2. Eliminate Décor Altogether

If you want to take an even more minimalistic approach, why not eliminate the decor at all. Well, if you are a student planning your wedding, you might have little to no time to attend to the details. You might be thinking, ‘I will find someone to help me write my research paper’, find a service like WritePaper and get a week off to sort everything together.

Stop putting too much pressure on you. Instead, just look for a scenic location. This would also keep the focus solely on you, the couple.

3. Add a Chill Out Zone

Source: magpiewedding.com

Weddings are often very formal. What if you wanted to let your guests relax a bit more. You can do this by adding an area that is more comfortable and relaxing. For instance, if your wedding is outdoor, you can set up a tent and create seating with cushions and blankets.

You can arrange this place like a private cabana and customize it as you need. This will also offer a respite from the sun for those who seek it. It is easily possible to do this without a high expense by ordering some homewares from Amazon or eBay.

4. Seat Guests on the Floor

If you are rather having a small and intimate wedding, you can even have the seating arranged in a low floor style with a table. This would help to make the atmosphere even more relaxing.

However, if you take this approach, you might also want your guests to be comfortable and make sure everybody is up for it. Also, giving them a notice would allow them to choose suitable clothing to sit down on the floor rather than the chair.

5. Get a Food Truck

Source: weddingsonthefrenchriviera.com

Similarly, informal weddings can also be more fun if you just ask a food truck to pull in towards the end of the evening. Your guests are likely to be tired from all the dancing and might use some comfort food.

You can just offer burgers, pizza, fries, or anything you wish to add to the menu. And of course, this would work best if it’s a surprise and an outdoor wedding where it is feasible to pull in a food truck.

6. Take Indoor Out

Want to splurge a bit on the wedding? Use the décor you would do for an indoor wedding for an outdoor ceremony or reception. Think chandeliers and walls without roofs. You have plenty of room to get creative here, based on your location. After all, it is your wedding, so let your designs stand out.

7. Go for a Modern Cake Design

Source: northernvirginiamag.com

The cake is an important part of your wedding. So, it is not only the favor that matters but also the look of it. Instead of going for a classic cake, you can also opt for the modern patterns that you prefer. This can be a contemporary focal point to your dessert table. A perfect wedding cake should be delicious and beautiful. Wedding cakes by Cute Cakes are available in different styles and flavors that represent the newlyweds.

8. Go for Trendy Cocktails

Why stop with cake? You can also add some interesting cocktails to the menu based on the trend that’s going around. Do not hesitate to add the latest infusions and bold flavors like the avion cocktails or a custom your-own drink.

9. Frame the Scenery

Source: luminare.net.au

We gave you a suggestion earlier to avoid the décor entirely. However, you might also want to frame the scenery to make the place look more stunning. And, of course, you can add some simple décor to it while keeping the focus on the backdrop.

When thinking of frames, you do not always have to go for rectangles. Take a look at this triangular frame that sets the tone for this wedding.

10. Pick an Unexpected Backdrop

Weddings often have you thinking of classy, rustic setups. Why not go for a different take together, and have your ceremony in front of a mural. This could be in the form of graffiti or some artwork from your favorite movie.

If you do not want such a wall or prop to be the focal point, you can also set an area aside just for a photoshoot. And voila! You will have the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos.

11. Have a Minimalistic Wedding

Source: weddingwire.com

Want to take a sustainable approach to weddings? Go for minimalism. This does not mean that you have to get married in a courthouse. But you can go to a simple ceremony with some close friends and family.

You can also avoid going grand with the décor or being lavish about the food. At the end of the day, it will be about just adding the elements you really want.

12. Offer Food Take Away

Is there food or cake leftover from the wedding? Your guests might absolutely love to take some home. Create a custom takeaway package or two, and offer them one when they leave the event. This will eliminate waste and make your guests happier.

13. Offer Hangover Kits

Source: equallywed.com

You might also want to change up the gift you offer. Include some hangover remedies in a kit to give away to guests when they leave. You can include some chocolate, rescue tea, electrolytes, or some Aspirin in the package.

14. Avoid the Stationary

Of course, beautiful stationery is viewed as an integral part of a wedding. But do you really want to splurge on that when you can make it better in a digital version?

Create an animated or email invitation for your wedding with your photos. This will be more sustainable and avoid you worrying over picking the right stationery that matches your entire wedding decor. You also do not have to worry about the mail getting lost or people procrastinating to RSVP.

15. Go for a Mismatched Wedding Party

Source: j29events.com

Long gone are the days when the bridesmaids and groomsmen had to wear only black and white. Why not give them the chance to be themselves. If needed, you can provide them with a color palette to pick from. The result can be something very playful and unique.

So, there you have it! These wedding ideas can make your wedding fun and one-of-a-kind. All that said, it ultimately comes down to what works best for the couple and what makes you happiest on your special day!